Star Production, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Star Production, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Star Production, Inc.
Contact Information
Company Name:

P O BOX 600577
DALLAS, TX 75360


Leases Operated by Star Production, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-06899 FROST NATIONAL BANK Live Oak County
02-125772 PIEPER Goliad County
02-135289 PITTMAN Goliad County
04-11706 BERNSEN Jim Wells County
04-125366 WHATLEY San Patricio County
04-125562 BERNSEN Jim Wells County
09-25645 BISHOP -S- Archer County
7B-04316 CHAMBLESS, H. B. Stonewall County
7B-04317 GUEST, J. C. Stonewall County
7B-05131 PROCTOR, R. L. Taylor County
7B-07236 USSERY, URCY M. Nolan County
7B-07745 YOUNG, BERT Taylor County
7B-11070 SHELTON, FRANCES SEARS Taylor County
7B-164291 KING, J. W. 281 Jones County
7B-167036 KING, J. W. 281 Jones County
7B-167781 SNYDER Shackelford County
7B-216137 FARMER, DUSTY Jones County
7B-23350 LAWRENCE, CALVIN Stonewall County
7B-24735 BROWN, LILLEY P. Jones County
7B-25548 DODD, E. Stonewall County
7B-25894 KUPATT Haskell County
7B-26190 BROWN, LILLY P. Jones County
7B-26302 ATKINS, C. A. Haskell County
7B-26342 SEARS, C. F. "A" Taylor County
7B-265300 HENDERSON, W. C. 'A' Coleman County
7B-26571 MANSKE Haskell County
7B-26922 GRIFFIN, HATTIE Jones County
7B-27415 VAUGHN Jones County
7B-27649 BUTLER Jones County
7B-27697 WEREWOLF SW (BURSON SAND) UNIT Haskell County
7B-27743 MURFEE UNIT Jones County
7B-27879 HEAGY Jones County
7B-27891 ANTILLEY UNIT Callahan County
7B-27965 KING, J. W. 279 Jones County
7B-28036 KING, J.W. 281 Jones County
7B-28181 PETTIT Jones County
7B-28242 FARMER, DUSTY Jones County
7B-28785 POE UNIT Jones County
7B-30448 LEDBETTER UNIT Shackelford County
7B-31287 HENDERSON, W. C. 'A' Coleman County
7C-07002 SAVAGE, S.B. Coke County
7C-07079 TUBB, WILLIE I. EST. Coke County
7C-07189 SAVAGE, S.B. -A- Coke County
7C-07285 TUBB, WILLIE I. EST "C" Coke County
7C-07338 TUBB, WILLIE I. EST "A" Coke County
7C-07460 HARRIS ESTATE Coke County
7C-119085 HARRIS ESTATE Coke County
7C-119112 HARRIS ESTATE Coke County
7C-119113 HARRIS ESTATE Coke County
7C-121591 BLANKS, W. C. Coke County
7C-131830 TUBB, WILLIE I. EST. "C" Coke County
7C-131831 TUBB, WILLIE I. EST. "C" Coke County
7C-13570 WORKMAN Runnels County
7C-15201 STURM Tom Green County
7C-15655 MATSCHEK UNIT Tom Green County
7C-15901 POWELL Tom Green County
7C-15929 BUENA VENTURA "A" Concho County
7C-15948 LEE Tom Green County
7C-16128 BUENA VENTURA "A" Concho County
7C-16273 NIEHEUS UNIT Tom Green County
7C-16276 LEE UNIT Tom Green County
7C-16358 LEE SOUTH Tom Green County
7C-16372 NIEHUES Tom Green County
7C-16388 POWELL "A" Tom Green County
7C-16389 LEE Tom Green County
7C-16422 MIKESKA UNIT Tom Green County
7C-16699 NIEHUES UNIT "A" Tom Green County
7C-16703 BUCHANAN UNIT Tom Green County
7C-16709 DUSEK Tom Green County
7C-16710 LEE Tom Green County
7C-16758 LEE SOUTH Tom Green County
7C-16817 BOOK Tom Green County
7C-16832 BRENEK UNIT "A" Tom Green County
7C-16958 POWELL Tom Green County
7C-16966 DUSEK Tom Green County
7C-17874 WILDE-GRAY UNIT Tom Green County
7C-185260 STRUM Tom Green County
8A-69706 HOLMES Borden County
8A-70092 HOLMES Borden County
8A-70128 RINEHART Borden County

Drilling Permits Filed by Star Production, Inc.