Stone & Webster Oil Company, Inc Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Stone & Webster Oil Company, Inc
Map of Wells Operated by Stone & Webster Oil Company, Inc
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500 DALLAS ST STE 2800

Leases Operated by Stone & Webster Oil Company, Inc

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-043634 HENSON GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-05436 SMIRAK HEIRS Lavaca County
02-06027 KEERAN -C- Victoria County
02-06763 KEERAN Victoria County
02-06980 KLEKAR UNIT Lavaca County
02-07011 HARBUCK DeWitt County
02-070369 RANGNOW GU Victoria County
02-07100 ROTHBAUER UNIT Lavaca County
02-07136 KLEKAR UNIT Lavaca County
02-07152 ROTHBAUER UNIT Lavaca County
02-07256 RANDOW OIL UNIT Lavaca County
02-072582 HARTMAN, VICTOR -A- GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-07261 ROTHBAUER UNIT Lavaca County
02-07415 VAUGHN, A. DeWitt County
02-074591 ROWELL, L. J. GU Jackson County
02-07465 KEERAN RANCH -G- Victoria County
02-074995 RICE, EUGENE DeWitt County
02-07635 ROTHBAUER UNIT Lavaca County
02-079242 RANGNOW Victoria County
02-079816 RANDOW GAS UNIT Lavaca County
02-082954 ALVES UNIT Lavaca County
02-083738 CHANDLER UNIT Lavaca County
02-084608 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
02-086546 RANDOW G. U. Lavaca County
02-087844 TURNER UNIT Lavaca County
02-088412 TURNER UNIT Lavaca County
02-090987 CHANDLER UNIT Lavaca County
02-093072 CHANDLER UNIT Lavaca County
02-101492 BLUDAU, H. ET AL Lavaca County
02-108615 ZENGERLE DeWitt County
02-111056 ROSE, E. T. GU Jackson County
02-119963 RANDOW G. U. Lavaca County
02-120612 RANDOW UNIT Lavaca County
02-122733 RANDOW G. U. Lavaca County
02-124769 KEERAN Victoria County
02-129309 MUSSELMAN DeWitt County
02-130083 VAUGHN, A. G.U. DeWitt County
02-131249 HARTMAN, VICTOR -A- DeWitt County
02-131250 CHANDLER UNIT Lavaca County
02-132395 TURNER UNIT Lavaca County
02-135470 ROWELL, L.J. Jackson County
02-139816 ROTHBAUER UNIT Lavaca County
02-140459 ALVES UNIT Lavaca County
02-141028 FREUDE UNIT Lavaca County
03-004874 HARRIS CO. LAND & IMP. CO., -B- Harris County
03-041628 NOWOTNY, H. W. Fort Bend County
03-061148 HARRIS CO. LAND & IMP. CO. -B- Harris County
03-098761 CHAMPION INT'L CORP. Liberty County
03-098989 BAYOU PROPERTIES, INC. GU Colorado County
03-102773 MARIK G. U. Colorado County
03-105002 KLORES GU Harris County
03-108529 HARRIS CO. LAND & IMP. CO. -B- Harris County
03-123575 JOHNSTON, M. Colorado County
03-123691 BAYOU PROPERTIES, INC GU Colorado County
03-18852 HARRIS CO. LAND & IMPROVEMENT B Harris County
04-111680 VELA, L. Zapata County
04-149412 PEREZ Starr County

Drilling Permits Filed by Stone & Webster Oil Company, Inc