Strat Land Exploration Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Strat Land Exploration Company
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TULSA, OK 74103

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Leases Operated by Strat Land Exploration Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-022107 HUTCHISON, GEORGIANNE Hansford County
10-04050 O'LAUGHLIN, CHARLES C. Hansford County
10-06479 THORMODSGAARD Hansford County
10-07362 RAMSEY Hemphill County
10-07385 BAILEYS Lipscomb County
10-07918 GUY, ZELMA C. Lipscomb County
10-07933 MATHEWS Hansford County
10-08530 GERTRUDE Hansford County
10-08658 THOMAS Lipscomb County
10-09557 SUTTON Hansford County
10-111113 BRAINARD -B- Roberts County
10-117678 ARCHER -C- Hansford County
10-120185 HAROLD Hansford County
10-120973 FRAZIER Lipscomb County
10-122698 GERTRUDE Hansford County
10-135707 FLETCHER Hansford County
10-139993 BRADLEY Lipscomb County
10-141186 FOWLSTON Hansford County
10-149420 WALKER Hansford County
10-151366 INGLE Lipscomb County
10-153754 BRAINARD Hutchinson County
10-155828 MURRELL Hansford County
10-158546 CROWE Hansford County
10-158962 ALEXANDER I Hansford County
10-161741 MCMORDIE "B" Roberts County
10-166475 ARCHER "F" Hansford County
10-170730 CHARLES "A" Hansford County
10-171755 PAULINE Ochiltree County
10-171835 NIX Hansford County
10-176066 JIM BILL Lipscomb County
10-178838 MCLAIN Hansford County
10-179979 NIX Hansford County
10-184511 ALEXANDER Hansford County
10-184802 JACKSON Hansford County
10-185849 ALICE Hansford County
10-187654 BIVINS Hansford County
10-188376 BRAUM FAMILY Lipscomb County
10-190486 SCOTT Lipscomb County
10-191418 SHEETS Ochiltree County
10-192454 J. J. Lipscomb County
10-194972 TAYLOR Lipscomb County
10-197990 JONES TRUST Lipscomb County
10-198523 BRAUM FAMILY Lipscomb County
10-199127 HURNS Ochiltree County
10-199202 STAVLO Hansford County
10-200298 MCGARRAUGH "A" Ochiltree County
10-207530 LAMASTER Ochiltree County
10-210058 HERNDON Ochiltree County
10-211895 ADAMS RANCH Roberts County
10-213901 SCHUMANN Ochiltree County
10-214279 KELLN, DAVID A. ET AL Lipscomb County
10-214284 FLOWERS BROTHERS Roberts County
10-217259 KIRK Lipscomb County
10-218975 BREEN Lipscomb County
10-219005 FLOWERS, J.L. Roberts County
10-219138 FLOWERS UNIT Roberts County
10-226835 MIKE Lipscomb County
10-233410 BRAINARD Hutchinson County
10-234485 GUY Lipscomb County
10-235084 GUTHRIE Hansford County
10-246288 KIRK Lipscomb County
10-247863 WINEGEART Hutchinson County
10-248305 JOHNNY Hansford County
10-249856 BRAINARD "B" Hutchinson County
10-258315 BRADLEY Lipscomb County
10-259053 LEONORE C Lipscomb County
10-264364 LANDERS Lipscomb County
10-265826 LEONORE C Lipscomb County
10-270444 LEONORE C Lipscomb County
10-270467 SCOTT Lipscomb County
10-271506 SCHULTZ FAMILY Lipscomb County
10-276526 KEMP Lipscomb County
10-276533 JONES TRUST Lipscomb County
10-276559 BAGLEY 16 Ochiltree County
10-277387 RIES Ochiltree County
10-277457 RIES Ochiltree County
10-279154 OWENS Ochiltree County
10-279276 TEXAS FARMS Ochiltree County
10-279328 PAZOURECK Hansford County
10-283802 GRAY Lipscomb County

Drilling Permits Filed by Strat Land Exploration Company