Sun Expl. & Prod. Co.-Midland Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sun Expl. & Prod. Co.-Midland
Map of Wells Operated by Sun Expl. & Prod. Co.-Midland
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P. O. BOX 1861

Leases Operated by Sun Expl. & Prod. Co.-Midland

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-00824 HOLT, O. B. -B- Ector County
08-01789 UNIVERSITY #15 Andrews County
08-044116 HILL, M. J. -22- Winkler County
08-045477 JASPER COUNTY SCHOOL LAND Pecos County
08-047472 SLACK, ANNE Reeves County
08-049423 NEAL, JAMES -A- Pecos County
08-053129 GRAYBURG GAS UNIT XI Ector County
08-053601 HILL, M. J. Winkler County
08-057036 MOORE-HOOPER UNIT Loving County
08-058037 ELSINORE CATTLE COMPANY Pecos County
08-059981 JASPER COUNTY SCHOOL LAND -A- Pecos County
08-060430 ELSINORE CATTLE COMPANY Pecos County
08-062888 ELSINORE CATTLE COMPANY Pecos County
08-062889 WILSON, OGDEN Pecos County
08-063197 FULK, MONTGOMERY Pecos County
08-066496 ELSINORE CATTLE COMPANY Pecos County
08-068150 HILL, M. J. Winkler County
08-068923 ELSINORE CATTLE COMPANY Pecos County
08-06969 PARKER, J. E. Ector County
08-069950 FULK, MONTGOMERY Pecos County
08-07122 WILSON, W. L. -A- -48- Howard County
08-072781 FULK, MONTGOMERY Pecos County
08-19128 PHILLIPS-PARKER Ector County
08-19407 TXL -C- Ector County
08-19677 SLATOR, PAUL Ector County
08-20082 UNIVERSITY -B- Crane County
08-20242 BLAKENEY, B. H. Ector County
08-20607 MOSS, PAUL Ector County
08-20959 ADAMS, H. E., -C- Crane County
08-21072 NELLIE C. MARTIN Andrews County
08-21742 PECOS RIVER BED Pecos County
08-22656 BLAKENEY, B. H., "B" Ector County
08-23238 EPPENAUER,A.R. Crane County
08-23283 JOHNSON,J.L."D" Ector County
08-23519 UNIVERSITY "8" Andrews County
08-24598 JOHNSON, J. L. -L- Ector County
08-24670 UNIVERSITY 7 Andrews County
08-24681 UNIVERSITY "7" Andrews County
08-24752 JOHNSON, J.L. "D" Ector County
08-25007 O.B. HOLT, GRBG. Andrews County
08-25033 TXL-U Midland County
08-30874 MARTIN, NELLIE C. Andrews County
08-31353 BOONE Glasscock County
08-31621 RATLIFF, SALLIE W. Ector County
7B-056103 SPIRES, L. R. Nolan County
7C-00032 UNIVERSITY -D- Crockett County
7C-00725 MATHERS WALKER ST. UNIT Coke County
7C-00732 WALKER, J. B. -A- Coke County
7C-018985 MCCLURE, W. W. ACCT. #1 Upton County
7C-03743 HENDERSON, J. E. Concho County
7C-04091 BARNET, ROSA -A- Upton County
7C-05063 UNIVERSITY 1-9 Reagan County
7C-05222 UNIVERSITY -B- Reagan County
7C-05379 UNIVERSITY -23- Reagan County
7C-05401 UNIVERSITY Reagan County
7C-05405 UNIVERSITY -A- 1-10 Reagan County
7C-05417 UNIVERSITY -B- 110 Reagan County
7C-05418 UNIVERSITY 114 Reagan County
7C-05420 UNIVERSITY 1-4 Reagan County
7C-05430 UNIVERSITY C-19 Reagan County
7C-06939 LIVESTOCK, J. -A- Upton County
7C-07051 MOBIL-COOK Upton County
7C-07321 CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK "A" Coke County
7C-07944 MCKAY CREEK "A" Terrell County
7C-086365 MCKAY CREEK Terrell County
7C-09038 MCKAY CREEK "D" Terrell County
7C-09559 JACOBS LIVESTOCK "C" Upton County
7C-09652 SHANNON ESTATE Crockett County
7C-097069 MCKAY CREEK "C" Terrell County
7C-09816 MCKAY CREEK "A" Terrell County
7C-11161 GUTHRIE-DUNBAR "A" UNIT Upton County
7C-12128 LANE, J. F. -A- A/C #2 Upton County
8A-052494 RAINS COUNTY SCHOOL LAND A/C 7 Hockley County
8A-15402 POWELL, MATTIE Yoakum County
8A-15490 HAMILTON, MARY Yoakum County
8A-15585 POWELL, MATTIE, -B- Yoakum County
8A-15680 SCHMIDT, DURWARD Dawson County
8A-15878 POWELL, MATTIE -A- Yoakum County
8A-16105 JOHNSON, L. M. Kent County
8A-64144 WILLIAMS, N. M. Terry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sun Expl. & Prod. Co.-Midland