TC Oil And Gas, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By TC Oil And Gas, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by TC Oil And Gas, LLC
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DENTON, TX 76205

Leases Operated by TC Oil And Gas, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04375 MCMANUS, D. C. Gonzales County
01-13124 DUBOSE, BLAXTON Gonzales County
01-13911 TEXAS TEA Gonzales County
01-13948 WINDFALL UNIT Gonzales County
01-15713 YOLANDA VILLARREAL Dimmit County
02-11332 ROADRUNNER Refugio County
02-269677 WESTHOFF RANCH Jackson County
02-285761 DONAHUE Bee County
02-289755 GEMELOS 'B' Lavaca County
03-152795 NELSON TRUST Liberty County
03-166202 NELSON TRUST Liberty County
03-198613 CAMPBELL, MARY Liberty County
03-206059 CAMPBELL, MARY Liberty County
03-212564 BLOXSOM, A. Liberty County
03-22251 SULLIVAN OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-23194 RUCKS, A. R. FEE Brazoria County
03-26327 LAKE ALASKA Brazoria County
03-26868 WALKER Austin County
03-27527 GEMINI 'D' Wharton County
03-276556 RICE Tyler County
03-281159 BLOXSOM Liberty County
03-286733 GEMINI Wharton County
03-286899 BEBE Liberty County
04-178209 CANALES A Duval County
04-179282 CANALES Duval County
04-180222 CANALES-MARTIN GAS UNIT Duval County
04-181607 MCAFEE-BOX Duval County
04-181764 MARTIN Duval County
04-182317 CANALES-MARTIN GAS UNIT Duval County
05-281174 BELL METZ Leon County
06-05951 TUCKER, JOE Harrison County
06-076790 FROST-PARKER UNIT 1 Panola County
06-089734 HALE, ORA T. Rusk County
06-122169 MAYO Harrison County
08-147078 OSWALD Midland County
08-255608 JOSEPHINE 38 Culberson County
08-38090 ZANT "27" Reeves County
08-52359 BATES 1 Howard County
09-11091 MOREN /KISINGER SAND/ UNIT Young County
09-11635 BRYSON UNIT Jack County
09-121196 KUYKENDALL Jack County
09-17145 GILMORE, H. C. Jack County
09-17927 GAHAGAN, C. P. Jack County
09-18262 GAHAGAN, C. P. -A- Jack County
09-19617 TRULL Wise County
09-243966 LOST CREEK Tarrant County
09-261422 LOST CREEK Tarrant County
09-27695 FARR Baylor County
09-27736 FARR, JOANNE Baylor County
09-27832 FARR #2 Baylor County
09-28797 FARR Baylor County
09-28799 HARMEL-FARR Baylor County
09-31264 DREYER Baylor County
09-33499 GLASSCOCK Jack County
09-33522 GAHAGAN, C.P. -A- Jack County
10-03827 PRICE, W. D. Hutchinson County
10-04325 RASOR, J. F. Roberts County
10-047186 ALEXANDER Hansford County
10-049045 O. D. C. Hansford County
10-05487 WILSON Ochiltree County
10-058886 LINDLEY, J.B. Hemphill County
10-08696 BAGLEY Ochiltree County
10-088190 RISLEY Hemphill County
10-138724 FLOWERS Roberts County
10-178166 BARNETT Ochiltree County
10-185711 STAR, TONY Hansford County
10-216009 SCOTT, OLLIE 336 Lipscomb County
10-247200 EVANS RANCH Hansford County
10-254298 CIRCLE DOT RANCH Hemphill County
7B-274957 KEMP Coleman County
7B-283940 LAMBSHEAD RANCH 1088 Throckmorton County
7B-30871 ALDRIDGE UNIT Coleman County
7B-30945 BROOKS Stonewall County
7B-31876 KEMP Coleman County
7C-18387 GRACE 7 DEMERE Tom Green County
8A-69360 NORET Dawson County
8A-69490 BRANSFIELD,VINCENT Gaines County
8A-70309 DOC HOLIDAY Cochran County

Drilling Permits Filed by TC Oil And Gas, LLC