Tepee Petroleum Co., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Tepee Petroleum Co., Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Tepee Petroleum Co., Inc.
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Leases Operated by Tepee Petroleum Co., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-125216 NUNLEY La Salle County
01-126750 NUNLEY La Salle County
01-127761 NUNLEY La Salle County
01-129740 NUNLEY La Salle County
01-132344 NUNLEY La Salle County
01-133623 NUNLEY La Salle County
01-135254 NUNLEY La Salle County
02-001487 DREYER-LASSMAN-GISLER UNIT Victoria County
02-001489 DREYER-LASSMAN-GISLER UNIT Victoria County
02-06254 ROOKE, F.B. & SONS "A" Refugio County
02-06283 ROOKE, F. B. & SONS Refugio County
02-07364 ROOKE, F.B. & SONS "A" Refugio County
02-078664 DOUGHERTY ESTATE Bee County
02-105767 BORROUM "B" Bee County
02-123229 MCCAN, C. K. "C" Victoria County
02-134133 DREYER-LASSMAN-GISLER Victoria County
02-137209 DENTLER, MARY ET AL Victoria County
02-140558 DENTLER, MARY ET AL Victoria County
02-140560 DENTLER, MARY ET AL Victoria County
02-144300 DENTLER, MARY ET AL Victoria County
02-147681 HARMON, R.M. Lavaca County
02-149098 LUTENBACHER Goliad County
02-149679 NORTH FANNIN Goliad County
02-149689 NORTH FANNIN Goliad County
02-154194 KNIGHT Wharton County
02-157639 JOLLY, ARTHUR Victoria County
02-161958 DREYER-LASSMAN-GISLER UNIT Victoria County
02-172898 DENTLER, MARY ET AL Victoria County
02-174412 DREYER-LASSMAN-GISLER UNIT Victoria County
02-177049 NORTH FANNIN Goliad County
02-180253 PINTAIL GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-189311 NORTH FANNIN Goliad County
02-192450 PINTAIL GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-207457 DREYER-LASSMAN-GISLER UNIT Victoria County
02-212334 DREYER-LASSMAN-GISLER UNIT Victoria County
03-061986 DEVILLIER UNIT Chambers County
03-063336 DEVILLIER, O. C. Chambers County
03-073262 DEVILLIER, O. C. ET AL Chambers County
03-097267 SHIPLEY GAS UNIT Angelina County
03-14003 BARRETT, M.H. Madison County
03-153827 KENDLETON Wharton County
03-154611 SCRAM Wharton County
03-154616 KENDLETON Wharton County
04-07469 ELOY Starr County
04-09558 ELOY Starr County
04-097016 RODRIGUEZ Starr County
04-097386 BENAVIDES, JUAN G. Zapata County
04-103130 SAENZ,NOE Starr County
04-103697 YOUNGBLOOD, E.T. ETAL Hidalgo County
04-12848 BURKHARDT Nueces County
04-12915 ELOY Starr County
04-12923 ELOY #3 Starr County
04-13291 ALTA-MARCHBANKS Duval County
04-13320 ALTA-VANCO Duval County
04-165633 MATTIE BOYD GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-172745 BURKHARDT Nueces County
04-180809 BRUNI MINERAL TRUST "A" Webb County
04-193259 ALTA-GARCIA Starr County
04-193935 ALTA-GARCIA Starr County
04-199593 ALTA - KENEDY FOUNDATION Jim Hogg County
04-203077 CANALES Duval County
04-204169 ALTA-GARCIA Starr County
04-205260 ALTA-HUIZAR Duval County
04-210555 ALTA-FITZSIMMONS UNIT Duval County
04-216015 ALTA-VANCO Duval County
04-223557 ALTA-ELLIS Duval County
04-227374 ALTA-VANCO Duval County
05-01871 LEONA UNIT Leon County
8A-18334 SAMEDAN-MCGUIRE 1X Gaines County
8A-65816 GIESECKE Gaines County
8A-66476 KNOX ESTATE "A" Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by Tepee Petroleum Co., Inc.