Tex-Lee Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Tex-Lee Operating Company
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Leases Operated by Tex-Lee Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05566 WILSON, VIOLA Fayette County
01-07490 NOACK Bastrop County
03-107118 KIEL Fayette County
03-11462 MATTHIJETZ Lee County
03-11591 UNGER, FRED Lee County
03-11855 FRANK, MARTIN B. UNIT Lee County
03-11939 WALTHERS Lee County
03-11949 FISCHER, L.A. Lee County
03-11971 HOOTKINS, SUSIE Lee County
03-12243 SPACEK Lee County
03-12295 LUECKE, SUSAN Fayette County
03-12560 JURCHAK #1 Lee County
03-12561 LUECKE, KAREN Lee County
03-12877 GINGER UNIT Lee County
03-13013 PIETSCH Fayette County
03-13108 BOWEN, ANNIS H. Washington County
03-13167 DODD, BERT Lee County
03-13240 LUECKE, AUGUST Fayette County
03-13931 LUECKE, JIMMIE Lee County
03-13985 HOLMES Fayette County
03-140301 MIKESKA Fayette County
03-14103 ELIAS, VICTOR Fayette County
03-14283 DAMIANI Lee County
03-14300 SCHAUTSCHICK UNIT A Lee County
03-14348 POLLY Fayette County
03-14352 WENKE UNIT A Lee County
03-14446 KELLY Fayette County
03-14528 SOLOMON Fayette County
03-14613 BECKER, FRED Lee County
03-14669 DIANE UNIT Lee County
03-14703 GEORGE UNIT Fayette County
03-14819 LOUIS SCHATTE UNIT Lee County
03-14901 ARNOLD Lee County
03-15028 LUTHER UNIT Lee County
03-15149 PETERS, B. UNIT Lee County
03-15898 OWENS, JOHN C. Fayette County
03-16033 TOENNIS Fayette County
03-16193 FLECK Fayette County
03-16608 WART, VAN "A" Fayette County
03-16620 POHORELSKY Lee County
03-16676 PRISSY Fayette County
03-16771 REID Fayette County
03-16800 MATTINGLY Fayette County
03-16817 DRY HOLE Fayette County
03-16819 STELLA Fayette County
03-16900 KRAUSE UNIT Lee County
03-16938 SYD Fayette County
03-17308 WEISHUHN, ELSA UNIT Fayette County
03-18113 VACEK Fayette County
03-18156 COFFIELD-LOFTIN Lee County
03-18202 BESSIE Lee County
03-18483 DAWSEY UNIT Lee County
03-18484 GANTT, T.K. Lee County
03-18512 LUCKY "V" Lee County
03-18878 LUECKE, SUSAN Lee County
03-19034 TITUS Fayette County
03-19060 JONES, LINDA Lee County
03-19246 HANDRICK Lee County
03-19255 LVW Fayette County
03-19284 DROEMER, W.C. Bastrop County
03-19392 COOK, BRADEN Bastrop County
03-19508 FISCHER, MARTIN Lee County
03-19510 COOK, BRADEN Lee County
03-20019 WEISE, T.J. Lee County
03-20175 ELMO SCHULZE Lee County
03-20249 LUECKE, LEONA Lee County
03-21053 HARRIS-HOLLOWAY Lee County
03-21075 SIMPSON Lee County
03-21235 RICHTER Lee County
03-21846 SPITZENBERGER Lee County
03-21859 VESTA Lee County
03-22070 LUECKE, ALBERT Lee County
03-22196 RICHTER Lee County
03-22215 BLASIG Lee County
03-22592 FARRACK UNIT Lee County
03-22606 BLASIG UNIT Lee County
03-22687 PETERS Lee County
03-23938 MATTHIJETZ Lee County
03-24388 WENKE UNIT A Lee County
03-27352 GALIPP, HAROLD Lee County

Drilling Permits Filed by Tex-Lee Operating Company