Texas Pacific Oil Company, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Texas Pacific Oil Company, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Texas Pacific Oil Company, Inc.
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DALLAS, TX 75231

Leases Operated by Texas Pacific Oil Company, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-019480 MCALISTER, O. H. -B- Midland County
08-019591 MCALISTER, O. H. Midland County
08-019592 MCALISTER, O. H. -B- Midland County
08-019594 MCALISTER, O. H. -D- Midland County
08-019596 PRICE, CURTIS Midland County
08-019597 WHITEFIELD, J. W. Midland County
08-038228 BARNSLEY -L- Crane County
08-075090 ARCO STATE Reeves County
08-075597 ARCO STATE Reeves County
08-09368 UNIVERSITY -E- Andrews County
08-13212 DRAGON MOUNTAIN Andrews County
08-16555 S.P. REED Martin County
08-19887 BARNSLEY -J- Crane County
08-20012 UNIVERSITY -Z- Andrews County
08-20721 UNIVERSITY -F- Andrews County
08-22334 WARD CONE Howard County
09-07203 CEARLEY, J. H. Young County
10-03219 PERRY UNIT D Ochiltree County
7B-01844 TUCKER, S. P. Fisher County
7B-01951 PATTERSON, LOUELLA Fisher County
7B-01952 REDUS, H. E. -A- Fisher County
7B-01953 REDUS, H. E. -B- Fisher County
7B-01987 GOODGAME, R. L. A/C 1 Fisher County
7B-02017 GOODGAME, R. L. AC. 1 Fisher County
7B-03701 HILL, L. M. -A- Stephens County
7B-03727 SPAIN, L. A. Stephens County
7B-03806 FINCHER, A. M.
7B-03807 STOKER, A. L. Stephens County
7B-03808 STOKER, I. A. Stephens County
7B-03837 GLENN, J. M. Stephens County
7B-03861 W.H. ACKERS 'A' Stephens County
7B-03874 ACKERS, W. H. Stephens County
7B-03880 GARVIN THOMAS Stephens County
7B-03887 WALLACE, J. L. Stephens County
7B-03894 ALLEN, O. E. Stephens County
7B-04219 UPSHAW, T. A. A/C 1 Stonewall County
7B-04220 UPSHAW, T. A. A/C 2 Stonewall County
7B-046995 BARTLES-SHELL Stephens County
7B-04708 RICHARDS, JIM -A- Taylor County
7B-052021 DUNLAP, J. G. Stephens County
7B-052375 WALKER, G. B. Stephens County
7B-059142 SWENSON -B- Stephens County
7B-06025 NICHOLS, J. B. Throckmorton County
7B-06476 CLAUDE L. ASHLEY Haskell County
7B-06780 MCGREGOR EST. Haskell County
7B-073098 SWENSON -B- Stephens County
7B-07453 MCMILLIN, I. S. A/C 4 Stonewall County
7B-076043 WALKER, G. B. Stephens County
7B-07650 THORNTON Haskell County
7B-07994 MCMILLIN, I.S., A/C 5 Stonewall County
7B-08025 MCMILLIN, I. S.. A/C 7 Stonewall County
7B-08048 MCMILLIN, I. S. A/C 6 Stonewall County
7B-11039 MC MILLIN, I. S. A/C 5 Stonewall County
7B-11043 OWEN, B. B. Stephens County
7B-11085 COSSLE, H. O. Fisher County
7B-12122 TAYLOR, G. W. Stephens County
7B-12368 SATTERWHITE A.L. Stephens County
7B-12606 SWENSON B Stephens County
7B-12828 JONES A.J. Stephens County
7B-12914 GLENN J. Stephens County
7B-13495 KIRKLAND I.E. "A" Stephens County
7B-13605 WRIGHT DOROTHY M. Stephens County
7B-13606 KIGHT JUDITH WILSON Stephens County
7B-13866 NEWELL DELL Stephens County
7C-02313 JACOBS LIVESTOCK CO. A/C 2 Upton County
7C-030884 BARNET, ROSA, -A- Upton County
7C-033709 BARNET, ROSA -A- Upton County
7C-037390 HENDERSON -4- Crockett County
7C-037682 HENDERSON -A- Crockett County
7C-06170 JACOBS LIVESTOCK CO. A/C 3 Upton County
7C-06280 JACOBS LIVESTOCK Upton County
7C-06352 MOBIL-COOK-A- Upton County
7C-063787 MOBIL Upton County
7C-06512 MOBIL Upton County
7C-06690 BIRD I. A. Coke County
7C-07878 WORD, ELLEN A. Terrell County
8A-03855 IVEY, B. H. Hockley County
8A-03863 RAINS COUNTY SCHOOL LAND, A/C 7 Hockley County
8A-60721 BENNETT, RUTH A/C-2 F Yoakum County
8A-60804 BENNETT, RUTH A/C 1 Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Texas Pacific Oil Company, Inc.