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Leases Operated by Texron Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-17466 TEXRON - HOWETT Zavala County
01-17489 WHEELER McMullen County
01-17679 JOHNSON"1" Zavala County
02-07055 URBANCZYK Karnes County
02-11206 UNCLE GEORGE Bee County
02-249472 D. LAMBERT DeWitt County
02-249474 M.A. WESLEY DeWitt County
03-23222 TEXACO FEE (EAST) Newton County
03-26242 GARY BRYANT Brazos County
03-289658 TEXRON NEEDVILLE Fort Bend County
04-055999 CAGE, R. G., -J- Brooks County
04-13363 NOLL SAND GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-13525 PETROQUEST JV-HARLAN Nueces County
04-137097 BAXTER GIBSON SIEN Aransas County
04-13965 GIBSON-SIEN "C" Aransas County
04-14114 PEREZ Brooks County
04-14140 DORSOGNA Nueces County
04-149578 GARCIA-RUPP GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-151053 GARCIA-BENAVIDES GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-170547 RUPP GAS UNIT 2 Brooks County
04-171580 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-172132 NOLL SAND GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-172968 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-173025 RUPP-NICHOLS GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-173034 SCHNITZ GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-174910 CAGE RANCH 725 Brooks County
04-175360 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-176396 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-176421 GIBSON/SIEN UNIT Aransas County
04-176859 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-177219 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-177880 GIBSON/SIEN Aransas County
04-180264 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-180791 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-180874 CAGE RANCH 648 Brooks County
04-181848 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-186068 GONZALES #30 Brooks County
04-186653 LASATER, GARLAND Brooks County
04-188125 GRANT "C" Aransas County
04-188150 GRANT "B" Aransas County
04-188865 DAVIS Aransas County
04-189359 GARLAND LASATER Brooks County
04-194172 MILLER RANCH Brooks County
04-194381 GRANT "A" Aransas County
04-194508 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-195215 GRANT Aransas County
04-195872 MILLER RANCH Brooks County
04-195882 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-196015 CAGE RANCH STATE-TRACT Brooks County
04-197680 RUPP Brooks County
04-197879 CAGE RANCH II Brooks County
04-197934 CAGE RANCH II Brooks County
04-199694 GARCIA GAS UNIT 2 Brooks County
04-199695 GARCIA GAS UNIT 2 Brooks County
04-200903 RUPP Brooks County
04-201881 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-205251 GARCIA-BENAVIDES GAS UNIT 2 Brooks County
04-212796 MILLER RANCH Brooks County
04-215817 GARCIA, NELLIE Brooks County
04-216772 GRANT "A" Aransas County
04-217391 GARLAND LASATER Brooks County
04-217901 MILLER RANCH Brooks County
04-219630 GRANT "A" Aransas County
04-220144 GRANT "A" Aransas County
04-225745 BENAVIDES, ARTURO Webb County
04-233992 GRANT "A" Aransas County
04-235694 PETROQUEST JV-HARLAN Nueces County
04-237048 GIBSON & SIEN Aransas County
04-242229 BENAVIDES, ARTURO Webb County
04-244845 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-245154 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-245284 CAGE ESTATE G Brooks County
04-245508 PEREZ Brooks County
04-246620 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-247133 BENAVIDES, ARTURO Webb County
04-248314 PETROQUEST JV-DORSOGNA Nueces County
04-260436 PETROQUEST JV-DORSOGNA Nueces County
04-267429 FLINN, ET AL UNIT Aransas County
04-286753 PEREZ Brooks County
04-290659 TEXRON CARACARA Kenedy County

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