Thor Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Thor Operating Company
Map of Wells Operated by Thor Operating Company
Contact Information
Company Name:

P. O. BOX 307
TYLER, TX 75710

Leases Operated by Thor Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-043464 LAYTON Freestone County
05-062246 LIVINGSTON, ESTATE Limestone County
05-066753 FORD, HUGH M. Freestone County
05-066779 LITTLE, CARRIE LOU UNIT Limestone County
05-066795 GERRED, D.E. Freestone County
05-067152 WRIGHT, CHESTER ANNA EST. UNIT Limestone County
05-068169 JACKSON, M. L. ESTATE Freestone County
05-073746 BAKER, JAMES Limestone County
06-055797 MCCAULEY, S. M. Smith County
06-05611 YORK, JACK B. Smith County
06-05627 MCCAULEY, S. M. Smith County
06-05875 RAMEY, T.B. JR. ET AL Smith County
06-05905 BALFOUR, BRITTAIN Smith County
06-059159 NEILL Smith County
06-079663 KEE, W.B. ESTATE Rusk County
06-10725 BROWN, FRANK Smith County
06-10755 FENDER FEE Smith County
06-10781 HANDY, DENNIS ESTATE Smith County
06-108505 FENDER FEE "A" Smith County
06-10916 STEED, CRAIG N. Smith County
06-10936 PINEDALE LAKE CO, INC. Smith County
06-10960 TIMBER LAKE Smith County
06-11017 BRADY, LONIE B. Smith County
06-11092 KING, HIX Smith County
06-11267 SHERMAN, HELEN Y. Smith County
06-12030 FENDER FEE "B" Smith County
06-12566 VERNER, GEORGE P. EST. Smith County
06-12578 PALMER Smith County
06-12867 GILBERT, L. J. Smith County
06-141696 COLE, WILLIAM F. JR. Smith County
06-146372 VILBIG, J. LEE Smith County
06-146922 HOPPER, CLARENCE ESTATE Smith County
06-157036 COLE, WILLIAM F. JR. Smith County

Drilling Permits Filed by Thor Operating Company