Three J Energy, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Three J Energy, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Three J Energy, Inc.
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Company Name:

P O BOX 1587
SEGUIN, TX 78155


Leases Operated by Three J Energy, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-00307 RAMZINSKI, JOHN Bexar County
01-00770 STROUD, W. Wilson County
01-00828 FALOR, HIRAM Guadalupe County
01-00842 BALL, JAMES Guadalupe County
01-00847 MATTKE, ALBERT Guadalupe County
01-00868 CLIFT, J. D. Guadalupe County
01-00878 SCULL, C. E. Wilson County
01-00938 SCHIEVELBEIN, ALBERT Guadalupe County
01-02176 SCHNITZ, HARLEY D. Guadalupe County
01-02324 BELL, RUFUS D. Wilson County
01-03040 FRAZIER, E. Medina County
01-05757 KOEPP, ERIC Guadalupe County
01-05793 WITTE, ELTON (A) Wilson County
01-05901 POWERS, J.M. Wilson County
01-06000 BUGAI, L.J. -A- Guadalupe County
01-06016 LUDDEKE, HERMAN Guadalupe County
01-06204 LENZ, ADOLPH -A- Guadalupe County
01-06283 RUDELOFF, ADOLPH Guadalupe County
01-06359 WITTE, ELTON Wilson County
01-06519 STOCK, DORIS Guadalupe County
01-07064 HENRY, G. W. Atascosa County
01-08417 STIEREN, GEORGIA Guadalupe County
01-08429 LENZ, ADOLPH -X- Guadalupe County
01-09032 RITCHIE-TALLEY UNIT Gonzales County
01-09943 KING,W.H. Wilson County
01-10210 MONTGOMERY, E. F. Wilson County
01-10477 MATTKE, ALBERT -A- Guadalupe County
01-12201 LYDIA Wilson County
01-12318 MONTSANKO Wilson County
01-12568 MORRIS Wilson County
01-13438 GARRISON Gonzales County
01-13912 EDWARDS UNIT Wilson County
01-14270 NEUBAUER-STANUSH Wilson County
01-14451 LYDIA Wilson County
01-14496 KOSUB UNIT Wilson County
01-15075 JMAK McMullen County
01-15114 MILLS OIL UNIT Gonzales County
01-17590 HOWELL Guadalupe County
02-126562 MCMULLEN OIL & ROYALTY Karnes County
02-177622 RAPIDO Karnes County
06-016707 AKIN, SALLIE LEE Panola County
06-016708 GRUBENMAN, EFFIE MAE LESLIE Panola County
6E-06364 CHRISTIAN -B- Gregg County
6E-08754 JONES, BEULAH -A- Gregg County

Drilling Permits Filed by Three J Energy, Inc.