Three Span Oil & Gas, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Three Span Oil & Gas, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Three Span Oil & Gas, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Three Span Oil & Gas, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-03185 CLAPP Winkler County
08-03186 CRENSHAW Winkler County
08-03187 DRANE Winkler County
08-03188 VADEN Winkler County
08-03216 COLBY Winkler County
08-11498 PRIEST -B- Pecos County
08-11603 PERRY, FRANK A. Pecos County
08-12063 OWENS-STATE Pecos County
08-129826 PEARSON Crane County
08-13300 WHITE-41 Pecos County
08-13349 PRIEST & BEAVERS UNIT Pecos County
08-13368 ROXIE -B- Howard County
08-13526 PERRY, FRANK A.-1D- Pecos County
08-14363 CENTRAL STATE BANK Winkler County
08-21558 CONTINENTAL-HALLEY Winkler County
08-21561 IVERSON-COWDEN Winkler County
08-21562 HALLEY -C- Winkler County
08-21563 HALLEY, S. M. Winkler County
08-21564 THOMPSON-COWDEN Winkler County
08-21565 WOODLEY-HALLEY Winkler County
08-21629 HALLEY -A- S. M. Winkler County
08-28507 WILKINSON Howard County
08-30517 LIEURANCE Crane County
08-32787 JONES Howard County
08-32949 LIEURANCE Crane County
08-33581 WILKINSON-BROADDUS Howard County
08-33608 NORET-JONES Howard County
08-34001 CORNING LOUDAMY -29- Howard County
08-34037 SCHUELKE "28" Howard County
08-34069 HAMLIN "16" Howard County
08-34072 PHILLIPS UNIT Howard County
08-52425 MAPACHE GRANDE 144 Scurry County
08-53961 THUNDER VALLEY 240B UNIT Scurry County
08-54936 MAPACHE 3 UNIT Mitchell County
08-54937 MAPACHE '32' UNIT Scurry County
08-54938 THUNDER VALLEY 2 UNIT Scurry County
08-55333 THUNDER VALLEY 233 UNIT Scurry County
08-55334 THUNDER VALLEY 236 UNIT Scurry County
08-56205 THUNDER VALLEY 241 UNIT Scurry County
08-56277 THUNDER VALLEY 003 UNIT Scurry County
08-58154 THUNDER VALLEY 234 UNIT Scurry County
08-58947 MAPACHE GRANDE 008 Scurry County
08-59907 MAPACHE GRANDE 002 Scurry County
08-60379 MAPACHE GRANDE 004 Scurry County
08-60631 MAPACHE GRANDE 001 Scurry County
08-60715 MAPACHE GRANDE 148 Scurry County
7B-06172 MCFARLANE, J. W. Callahan County
8A-00609 JONES, PERCY TRACT 2 Kent County
8A-04612 PAYTON, D. R. Garza County
8A-05256 JONES, PERCY, ESTATE TR. 6-B Kent County
8A-06086 MALLET LAND & CATTLE CO. Cochran County
8A-13455 STORIE, S. C. "A" Garza County
8A-13625 THUETT, L. G. Garza County
8A-60301 WELCH NORTHEAST UNIT Dawson County
8A-60479 P. H. D. /GLORIETA/ UNIT Garza County
8A-61531 FORTENBERRY "A" Dawson County
8A-61985 JONES, PERCY TRACT 2 Kent County
8A-62221 SUNILAND FIELD UNIT Lynn County
8A-63161 RISING STAR Kent County
8A-63263 ROBERTS Hockley County
8A-63599 SHOOTING STAR Kent County
8A-64414 CALLAWAY Scurry County
8A-65069 EDMUNDS, W. E. Lynn County
8A-65314 HAIRE, JACK Lynn County
8A-66117 KLINE Garza County
8A-66389 WOLF Borden County
8A-66570 KLINE Garza County
8A-66828 ADAIR S.E. (SAN ANDRES)UNIT Gaines County
8A-66834 KIRK Lamb County
8A-66839 HAIRE, JACK Lynn County
8A-66862 MCCURRY Lamb County
8A-66895 JACKSON Hockley County
8A-67131 HOBRATSCHK Lamb County
8A-67285 WALLACE Kent County
8A-68516 JONES, PERCY ESTATE, TR. 6 Kent County
8A-68987 KLINE "B" Garza County
8A-69766 WALLACE "C" Kent County
8A-69967 KLINE Garza County
8A-70230 ASHMORE Gaines County
8A-70280 ROSENBERG Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Three Span Oil & Gas, Inc.