Titan Resources I, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Titan Resources I, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Titan Resources I, Inc.
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500 W TEXAS STE 500

Leases Operated by Titan Resources I, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-169316 O'CONNOR-MILLER Jackson County
02-172641 SMITH G/U Victoria County
03-148926 RICHTER Wharton County
03-170535 APPLING GAS UNIT Wharton County
03-176608 TAYLOR FAMILY PARTNERSHIP G/U Wharton County
03-176743 CRANEK GAS UNIT Wharton County
08-00596 LEGROS-STATE Pecos County
08-01158 JOHNSON, J. L., JR. UNIT /EO/ Ector County
08-03456 LEA, KATIE W., A/C #3 Crane County
08-04035 FASKEN BLOCK "CB" A/C 2 Andrews County
08-04038 U-TEXAS #36994-A/C #2 Andrews County
08-04039 U-TEXAS #36995-A/C 2 Andrews County
08-04049 U-TEXAS #36995 Andrews County
08-041552 IDOL Pecos County
08-041560 BLACKSTONE-SLAUGHTER -D- Pecos County
08-041721 BLACKSTONE - SLAUGHTER -F- Pecos County
08-046169 U. S. NATIONAL Ward County
08-046194 U.S. NATIONAL Ward County
08-046271 BLACKSTONE-SLAUGHTER -E- Pecos County
08-050514 NEAL, J. O. -21- Pecos County
08-058890 UNIVERSITY GAS UNIT "36" Ward County
08-066378 GOMEZ WEST UNIT NO. 2 Pecos County
08-067280 GOMEZ WEST UNIT NO. 2 Pecos County
08-068276 UNIVERSITY -L- Ward County
08-068856 REYNOLDS PARKS Midland County
08-069951 PALMER, W. M. Pecos County
08-08419 WATSON, W. W. Mitchell County
08-095167 LEA, P. J. A/C 2 Crane County
08-12014 U-TEXAS #36991 Andrews County
08-138258 BURKHOLDER "A" UNIT Ward County
08-152450 LEA, P. J. Crane County
08-15268 LEA, KATIE W. A/C 5 Crane County
08-153424 LEA, P. J. "B" Crane County
08-156448 LEA, P.J. Crane County
08-157083 LEA UNIT Crane County
08-164479 DAVIS, PAUL L. Pecos County
08-168624 FORT STOCKTON GAS UNIT # 6 Pecos County
08-171489 EICHENHOFER, C. C. Pecos County
08-176517 HUMPHREY Reeves County
08-176518 BLAKE Reeves County
08-176558 MCINTYRE Pecos County
08-17823 COWDEN -O- Andrews County
08-17841 WATSON, W. W. -C- Mitchell County
08-18283 BARNSLEY ESTATE Crane County
08-18763 WATSON, W. W. -D- Mitchell County
08-18883 JOHNSON, J. L. -AB- Ector County
08-20865 SAND HILLS TUBB UNIT Crane County
08-20901 TEXAS UNIVERSITY SEC. 1 & 2 Crane County
08-21595 BELL Mitchell County
08-23229 UNIVERSITY "C" Andrews County
08-23295 MCKENNEY "A" Mitchell County
08-23300 JOHNSON, J. L. "B" Ector County
08-23732 EAST (DOLLARHIDE DEV) UNIT Andrews County
08-24071 JOHNSON, J.L. "O" Ector County
08-25413 U- TEX. K. K. Ward County
08-25444 STATE -AK- Ward County
08-25510 JOHNSON, J. L. -B- Ector County
08-25634 U-TEX LSE. 36989 Andrews County
08-25850 STATE -AM- Ward County
08-25909 STATE -AL- Ward County
08-26456 U-TEXAS 36989 Andrews County
08-26526 LEA, P. J. A/C 2 Crane County
08-26709 BREEDLOVE -B- Martin County
08-27166 BREEDLOVE -C- Martin County
08-28299 BREEDLOVE "D" Martin County
08-28300 BREEDLOVE "E" Martin County
08-28523 LEA, P.J. Crane County
08-29209 BREEDLOVE "G" Martin County
08-29566 BREEDLOVE -F- Martin County
08-33183 COWDEN ESTATE ET AL Andrews County
08-35696 JOHNSON, J. L. -B- Ector County
7C-085946 FOX, SALLIE Reagan County
7C-092165 FOX, SALLIE "C" Reagan County
7C-10990 ROCKER "B-1949" Irion County
7C-11868 WILSON -137- Schleicher County
7C-12283 WADE Schleicher County
7C-154785 CULBERTSON 18 Terrell County
7C-167334 NEAL Upton County
8A-05738 STATE-STRAIN UNIT Scurry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Titan Resources I, Inc.