Tomahawk Petroleum Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Tomahawk Petroleum
Map of Wells Operated by Tomahawk Petroleum
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HC 3 BOX 3464

Leases Operated by Tomahawk Petroleum

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-00801 BURNS, ELLA Atascosa County
01-00803 ROGERS, THEO. -A- Atascosa County
01-00805 ROGERS, THEO. -C- Atascosa County
01-04808 TOMAHAWK I Wilson County
01-07923 REYES, PAUL Bexar County
01-095835 MCDOWELL, E. T. McMullen County
01-11838 NEAL Frio County
01-12617 SHELBY, L. UNIT Guadalupe County
02-05319 MENKING, E. L. OIL UNIT NO. 1 Lavaca County
02-05396 MENKING, E. L. Lavaca County
02-07169 SEMBERA UNIT Jackson County
02-123230 SEALE, SAM D. Jackson County
02-137229 TIPS Goliad County
03-087415 HOLLIS-AKERS UNIT Orange County
03-096352 AKERS, R. L. & C. K. Orange County
03-09989 FARRER-MINCHEN OIL UNIT Brazoria County
03-107819 HUNTINGTON Fort Bend County
03-107820 HUNTINGTON Fort Bend County
03-107866 HUNTINGTON Fort Bend County
03-11506 WEST BLUE LAKE UNIT NO. 1 Brazoria County
03-115565 HUNTINGTON Fort Bend County
03-121878 RALPH, BENTON Fort Bend County
03-18560 CORBETT, W.C. Brazoria County
03-22695 TEXAS EXPLORATION CO. Jefferson County
04-032093 SCHMIDT, H. G., A/C 1 Jim Wells County
04-045462 YOUNG GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-046085 YOUNG GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-047278 YOUNG GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-078613 SCHMIDT,H.G. Jim Wells County
04-079420 SCHMIDT, H.G. Jim Wells County
04-10257 MESTENA "B" Jim Hogg County
04-103717 WEIL Nueces County
04-130136 YOUNG GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-137113 ENGEL ESTATE Duval County
04-151535 ENGLE ESTATE Duval County
06-04955 TOMAHAWK HUMBLE A Anderson County
06-12390 TOMAHAWK HUMBLE B Anderson County
06-12589 TOMAHAWK HUMBLE C Anderson County
08-10010 READ, W. R. Howard County
08-29060 FROST NATIONAL BANK "C" Ward County
08-30224 SCHWARTZ, ALFRED -B- Glasscock County
08-30603 HERD Ward County
09-05568 KROHN, W. A. Wichita County
09-14420 HILL, C. W. Knox County
09-14627 HILL, G. P. Knox County
09-17667 SUMMERS, W. H. Knox County
09-18448 HILL, J.R. ESTATE Knox County
09-20793 DICKERSON Knox County
09-28357 JONES Young County
7B-05518 RYON, C. Brown County
7B-120863 RYAN C. Brown County
7B-18452 HERRON, R. W. Fisher County
7B-19132 ADAMS, JOHN Nolan County
7C-10521 SIMPSON "H" Coke County
8A-18891 GLIMP UNIT Hockley County
8A-64573 PARRAMORE "A" King County
8A-65608 PARRAMORE "74" King County

Drilling Permits Filed by Tomahawk Petroleum