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Wells Operated By Trinity Operating (Usg), LLC
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Leases Operated by Trinity Operating (Usg), LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-15353 HATCH DIM Dimmit County
01-15518 CUTTER CREEK McMullen County
01-15855 TURMAN Frio County
01-16026 HUBBERD McMullen County
01-17601 Y-BAR La Salle County
01-18132 ST JOHN-ROD UNIT DIM Dimmit County
01-18583 BOWMAN UNIT B DIM Dimmit County
01-19092 YARBROUGH La Salle County
01-19827 WHITWELL A Frio County
01-19955 DERBY SOUTH C Frio County
01-19980 MARTINEZ A Dimmit County
01-20016 WHITWELL G Frio County
01-20104 MARTINEZ NORTH D La Salle County
01-20286 MIDWAY F Frio County
01-20295 MIDWAY E Frio County
01-20299 WHITWELL C Frio County
01-20302 CENIZO A Zavala County
01-20306 WHITWELL D Frio County
01-20312 WHITWELL B Frio County
01-20342 WHITWELL E Frio County
01-20356 MARTINEZ E La Salle County
01-20358 MARTINEZ NORTH C La Salle County
01-20375 MARTINEZ F La Salle County
01-20467 HATCH-CENIZO A278 Dimmit County
01-20508 MIDWAY C Frio County
01-20514 MIDWAY I Frio County
01-20527 STEWART-IVEY A 206 Dimmit County
01-20540 NANCE RANCH B Dimmit County
01-20541 BAUERLE BOMC UNIT Frio County
01-20548 ALEXANDER TCB UNIT Frio County
01-20549 TAYLOR-CARRICO UNIT #1 Frio County
01-20560 AVANT A La Salle County
01-20574 NANCE RANCH A UNIT Dimmit County
01-20588 BURNS RANCH E Frio County
01-20606 BOWMAN C234 Dimmit County
01-20648 MIDWAY SOUTH M Frio County
01-20653 DERBY NORTH G Frio County
01-20657 BAUERLE BOT UNIT Frio County
01-20706 AVANT D La Salle County
01-20743 AVANT C La Salle County
01-20757 MIDWAY SOUTH K Frio County
01-20761 AVANT B La Salle County
01-20777 GLASSCOCK RANCH C Zavala County
01-20801 MIDWAY J Frio County
01-20834 NIRVANA 51H Wilson County
01-20835 BOWMAN STANDIFER B 223 Dimmit County
01-20841 INXS 74H Wilson County
01-20850 INXS 76H Wilson County
01-20858 WEST FLORES A 201 Dimmit County
01-20865 NIRVANA 48H Wilson County
01-20918 THE WHO 71H Wilson County
01-20925 VAN HALEN 68H Wilson County
01-20926 VAN HALEN 70H Wilson County
01-20927 MIDWAY H Frio County
01-20929 VAN HALEN 69H Wilson County
01-20951 AVANT F La Salle County
01-20959 METALLICA 47H Wilson County
01-20960 METALLICA 46H Wilson County
01-20986 METALLICA 45H Wilson County
01-21019 AVANT E La Salle County
01-21022 FOREIGNER 19H Atascosa County
01-21025 FOREIGNER 20H Atascosa County
01-21026 FOREIGNER 21H Atascosa County
01-21040 THE EAGLES 17H Atascosa County
01-21041 THE EAGLES 18H Atascosa County
01-21101 KM RANCH A ALLOCATION 3 Zavala County
01-21102 KM RANCH A ALLOCATION 2 Zavala County
01-21103 KM RANCH A ALLOCATION 4 Zavala County
01-21116 KM RANCH A ALLOCATION 1 Zavala County
01-21218 ACDC Atascosa County
01-21234 ACDC 4H Atascosa County
01-21265 LYNYRD SKYNYRD 62H Wilson County
01-21267 THE TUSCAI 66H Wilson County
01-21269 LYNYRD SKYNYRD 61H Wilson County
01-21281 THE TUSCAI 64H Wilson County
01-21292 LYNYRD SKYNYRD 63H Wilson County
01-294980 BIG WELLS MIPA 211 Dimmit County
06-293503 TJT UNIT Harrison County
06-294987 RUDD UNIT 1 Harrison County

Drilling Permits Filed by Trinity Operating (Usg), LLC