Trivista Operating LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Trivista Operating LLC
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Leases Operated by Trivista Operating LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-128497 WYNN UNIT Bastrop County
03-174980 PETRASH-HARRIS "A" Bastrop County
03-19258 QCHULZE, ALFRED V. Lee County
03-19259 MUTSCHER Lee County
03-19324 BELL, CAROL Lee County
03-19352 STEWART Lee County
03-19354 DOMASCHK, LOUIS Lee County
03-19435 MITTASCH, CAROL L. ET AL Lee County
03-19459 LORENZ, RUDOLF "A" Lee County
03-19508 FISCHER, MARTIN Lee County
03-19519 CALVIN, JR. Lee County
03-19533 HOLMES Lee County
03-19582 LORENZ Lee County
03-19592 BAZARSKY Bastrop County
03-19593 SCHURMEIER Lee County
03-19594 S & M ENERGY-PETERS B Lee County
03-19596 BRAHM Bastrop County
03-19600 SMITH-BOSWELL Bastrop County
03-19620 FARRACK, HERBERT Lee County
03-19631 HERBERT TREUDE Lee County
03-19638 ACT RANCH "A" Bastrop County
03-19677 NITSCHE, LAVERNE Bastrop County
03-19681 ZOCH, JUDY STEGLICH ET AL Bastrop County
03-19722 PETZOLD, M. "A" Bastrop County
03-19743 DROEMER "A" Bastrop County
03-19779 RAMSEL-FALKE "B" Bastrop County
03-19804 LINDNER Bastrop County
03-19829 MEUTH, H.G. Bastrop County
03-19849 PAFFEN Bastrop County
03-19876 STEGLICH Bastrop County
03-19885 PRINCETON LUCAS Lee County
03-19909 PETZOLD "A" Lee County
03-19971 HORN Bastrop County
03-19980 WEISE "B" Lee County
03-19998 AMG UNIT Lee County
03-20019 WEISE, T.J. Lee County
03-20048 ROITSCH Bastrop County
03-20072 NITSCHE, R.J. Bastrop County
03-20115 BEHRENS, M. Bastrop County
03-20121 BEHRENS, ANGELYNE Bastrop County
03-20134 COURTEMANCHE Bastrop County
03-20136 COOK, B.M. Bastrop County
03-20186 LORENZ, ALFRED Lee County
03-20187 ARLDT "C" Lee County
03-20222 MILROSE-COOK Bastrop County
03-20236 ROITSCH "A" Bastrop County
03-20275 WEISE "A" Lee County
03-20303 DARSEY Bastrop County
03-20308 MEUTH, E. L. Bastrop County
03-20309 FRIEBE, EUGENE Bastrop County
03-20310 RUSSELL, J. L. Bastrop County
03-20314 KASPER Lee County
03-20315 WEISE, GILBERT Lee County
03-20478 AMBER, AMY Bastrop County
03-20496 CHRISTIANSEN ET AL Bastrop County
03-20537 PETERS Bastrop County
03-20722 MEUTH, BEN #5 Bastrop County
03-20723 COOK A Bastrop County
03-20792 CAMPBELL ET AL Bastrop County
03-20920 KURIO Lee County
03-20930 LEHMAN Bastrop County
03-20956 ARLDT, ERWIN E. "B" Lee County
03-21088 KASPER, MILTON Lee County
03-21952 DERNEHL #1-H Fayette County
03-22023 SAGO PETERS Lee County
03-22161 STATLER Fayette County
03-22673 STEGLICH "E" Bastrop County
03-23273 RICHTER, GERTRUDE Lee County
03-23700 BEHRENS-GLOGER Bastrop County
03-23726 BEHRENS-O'BRIEN #2 Bastrop County
03-24501 KURIO, A E Lee County
03-26716 RANGER UNIT 11 Lee County
03-26737 RANGER UNIT 8A Lee County
03-26893 RANGER UNIT 8A2 Lee County
03-26938 RANGER UNIT 8A3 Lee County
08-24397 UNIVERSITY "48" Crane County
08-27040 NAIL "B-1" Martin County
08-30119 UNIVERSITY 3125 Crane County

Drilling Permits Filed by Trivista Operating LLC