Ultra Oil & Gas, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ultra Oil & Gas, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Ultra Oil & Gas, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Ultra Oil & Gas, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-145888 BULLARD/STROUHAL Brazoria County
03-148358 BANFIELD Brazoria County
03-150914 TRUKSA Brazoria County
03-152812 TRUKSA Brazoria County
03-154539 ANDRAU Brazoria County
03-157295 ANDRAU Brazoria County
03-160564 ANDRAU Brazoria County
03-160813 ANDRAU Brazoria County
03-162034 ANDRAU Brazoria County
03-18585 TRIANGLE DEVELOPMENT Brazoria County
03-22216 BANFIELD Brazoria County
03-22286 BULLARD/STROUHAL Brazoria County
03-22296 BANFIELD Brazoria County
03-22986 WILSON TRUST Brazoria County
03-23174 ANDRAU Brazoria County
03-25489 GARTNER, G.W., JR. ET AL Brazoria County
04-12828 CASAS Duval County
04-12869 CASAS Duval County
04-171564 CASAS Duval County
04-209965 HAGIST RANCH Duval County
04-215921 HAGIST RANCH Duval County
04-218607 HAGIST RANCH Duval County
04-230517 HAGIST RANCH Duval County
06-079857 SIMPSON, RHYNE GAS UNIT Marion County
06-085131 SIMPSON, RHYNE GAS UNIT Marion County
06-121792 BAGGETT Marion County
06-12268 MORGAN "A" Wood County
06-12846 BAGGETT Marion County
06-13026 SIMPSON, RHYNE Marion County
09-029156 BEAN, G. W. Jack County
09-029157 ELLIS, E. E. Jack County
09-029158 LAIRD, J. T. Jack County
09-120493 LAIRD Jack County
09-12609 CLARK, PAULA BOEDECKER, -A- Montague County
09-130681 SOUTHERN LAIRD Jack County
09-130918 NORTERN LAIRD Jack County
09-133745 KEMPNER ESTATE Jack County
09-134002 LARID, J. T. Jack County
09-203867 VAN ZANT Parker County
09-27147 DURHAM RANCH Jack County
09-27705 WOOLSEY, IMA JEAN Jack County
09-28046 WOOLSEY, IMA JEAN Jack County
09-28061 SKINNER, T. P. Montague County
09-28223 ZIPPERLEE Wilbarger County
09-28273 ZIPSON Wilbarger County
09-28360 ANDREWS Wilbarger County
09-28574 WOOLSEY, IMA JEAN #4 Jack County
10-07315 ELLIS, CARL "E"
7B-080548 FARMER, B. J. Parker County
7B-080549 FARMER, B. J. Parker County
7B-137450 FARMER, B. J. Parker County
7B-196510 VAN ZANT Parker County
7C-14434 PFLUGER, W. Concho County
7C-14607 PFLUGER "D" Concho County
7C-14793 PRICE-LOCKETT Concho County
7C-15021 PFLUGER, R. Concho County
7C-15160 PFLUGER "D" Concho County
7C-15264 CALLAN Concho County
7C-15519 PFLUGER, R. L. Concho County
7C-16535 ECKER Runnels County
7C-167367 PFLUGER, W. Concho County
7C-17023 M. TORRES Concho County
8A-68697 CALHOUN, T. Dawson County
8A-68909 BOLES, JOE Dawson County
8A-69005 CALHOUN, T. Dawson County
8A-69146 WOODUL, A. Dawson County
8A-69357 HUFFAKER Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ultra Oil & Gas, Inc.