Wagner & Brown Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Wagner & Brown
Map of Wells Operated by Wagner & Brown
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BOX 1714

Leases Operated by Wagner & Brown

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05431 MUELLER UNIT Dimmit County
03-20431 CORNELIUS, L. Matagorda County
08-084124 THELMA Sterling County
08-091262 HANEY Howard County
08-125220 COUNCIL Sterling County
08-23293 BAUMANN Midland County
08-24175 HANEY Howard County
08-24797 GLASS "F" Sterling County
08-25347 THELMA Sterling County
08-25494 FOSTER, R. W. Sterling County
08-25906 THELMA Sterling County
08-25926 EARL SPRING ESTATE Reeves County
08-27155 BECKY TERRY ET AL Sterling County
08-27564 MORROW Glasscock County
08-27582 E. C. MARTIN Reeves County
08-27683 BARBEE "A" Sterling County
08-27920 MARTIN, E. C. Reeves County
08-28201 WADLEY Reeves County
08-28502 WADLEY Reeves County
08-29146 BARBEE -B- Sterling County
08-30195 COUNCIL Sterling County
08-31502 DOOLEY -B- Sterling County
08-31702 ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-31799 COUNCIL -A- Sterling County
08-32861 GLASS G Sterling County
10-04575 GADBERRY Lipscomb County
10-05322 GILL Hemphill County
10-093995 GADBERRY Lipscomb County
10-097909 KILPATRICK Lipscomb County
7C-069475 MONTGOMERY "B" Crockett County
7C-072550 MILLER-HOOVER A UNIT Crockett County
7C-074052 MILLER HOOVER B UNIT Crockett County
7C-075009 HOOVER Crockett County
7C-075010 HOOVER Crockett County
7C-086091 MILLER-HOOVER B Crockett County
7C-11400 HAPPLE-THREE Upton County
7C-11549 HAPPLE-THREE Upton County
7C-11706 SHEPHERD Upton County
7C-12538 SHEPHERD Upton County
7C-130508 HAPPLE-THREE Upton County
8A-66629 BUCKLEY ESTATE Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Wagner & Brown