Walton Producing Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Walton Producing Company
Map of Wells Operated by Walton Producing Company
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Company Name:

P O BOX 152

Leases Operated by Walton Producing Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-14322 WAGGONER -F- Wilbarger County
09-23911 WAGGONER RANCH Wilbarger County
09-26850 BOONE UNIT Archer County
09-27429 CROSSROADS Young County
7B-01976 GOODGAME, R. L. Fisher County
7B-01988 -OWNSEND, W. R. Fisher County
7B-02007 FERGUSON, S. C. Fisher County
7B-02010 TEAGUE, THOS. Fisher County
7B-02012 WOODALL, KITTIE Fisher County
7B-02020 TEAGUE, THOS. Fisher County
7B-02023 WOODALL, KITTIE Fisher County
7B-02776 PARDUE, A. E. Jones County
7B-02777 STRAND -A- Haskell County
7B-02780 PARDUE -D- Haskell County
7B-02865 CODA WHITEAKER Nolan County
7B-02931 HANKS, BILLIE -A- Nolan County
7B-02940 HANKS, BILLIE -A- Nolan County
7B-02945 HANKS, BILLIE -A- Nolan County
7B-04247 DOUBLE MOUNTAIN UNIT Stonewall County
7B-04358 MULLEN, ROY Stonewall County
7B-049028 HANKS, BILLIE, -A- Nolan County
7B-057495 HANKS, BILLIE Nolan County
7B-07183 FREEMAN, WYNONA H. Stonewall County
7B-07260 BROCK, ETTA Stonewall County
7B-076758 PRATT, PRESTON Stephens County
7B-10186 OCHO JUAN UNIT Fisher County
7B-11060 TOWNSEND, W. R. Fisher County
7B-12483 ROBERTSON, T.P. Stephens County
7B-14331 ROBERTSON, T.P. "A" Stephens County
7B-14703 PATTERSON, LOVELLA Fisher County
7B-151347 DAVIS, ROBBIE ET AL Stephens County
7B-15451 BISHOP UNIT Stephens County
7B-18595 SAGERTON UNIT Haskell County
7B-21266 DAVIS, ROBBIE ET AL Stephens County
7B-23158 CLARK, J.A. Haskell County
7B-24088 YARBOROUGH Stonewall County
7B-24830 STRAND Jones County
7B-25016 NASH "C" Stonewall County
7B-25096 MITCHELL Stonewall County
7B-25945 REA Stephens County
7B-26392 JONES, DODGE Haskell County
7B-27000 HANKS, BILLIE "A" Nolan County
7B-28184 FANNIE YOUNG "A" Stephens County

Drilling Permits Filed by Walton Producing Company