Weber Energy Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Weber Energy Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Weber Energy Corporation
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DALLAS, TX 75219

Leases Operated by Weber Energy Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05038 TALBUT, G.E. La Salle County
01-05429 ALDER, G. H. ET AL La Salle County
01-07289 KELLEY-PROCTOR-SMITH Frio County
01-11665 FREEBORN -A- Frio County
01-14260 NORDIA GRANDE -A- Gonzales County
01-14298 NORDIA GRANDE "D" Gonzales County
01-14299 NORDIA GRANDE "C" Gonzales County
01-14981 MAALI Gonzales County
02-07113 DLG #00040 Jackson County
02-08120 FUNK Goliad County
02-09377 BUCHHORN DeWitt County
02-108458 PITTMAN Goliad County
02-117596 ELLIS, M.E. Goliad County
02-120365 FUNK Goliad County
02-139234 BAKER Goliad County
03-107118 KIEL Fayette County
03-128497 WYNN UNIT Bastrop County
03-12980 GOEBEL BROTHERS Fayette County
03-131368 SAEGERT Bastrop County
03-145631 PETRAS-AMARADO Fayette County
03-146762 HIGH HILL CREEK UNIT "A" Fayette County
03-147059 DEBAKEY UNIT Fayette County
03-147301 BERGER-AMARADO Fayette County
03-147798 MATTINGLY Fayette County
03-153872 LEACHMAN UNIT Washington County
03-155368 HARVILL Grimes County
03-156034 ANDERSON-HILL Grimes County
03-156227 BARTLETT Grimes County
03-16800 MATTINGLY Fayette County
03-18068 SHAYNA LOU UNIT Fayette County
03-19582 LORENZ Lee County
03-19602 SCHULZE Lee County
03-19632 FISCHER Bastrop County
03-19692 KASPER "A" Lee County
03-19701 KASPER "B" Lee County
03-19777 PETZOLD Lee County
03-19812 9CHUELER Lee County
03-19852 KOVAR Lee County
03-19861 SCHULZE "A" Lee County
03-19900 ALBRECHT Lee County
03-19909 PETZOLD "A" Lee County
03-19989 PETZOLD "B" Lee County
03-19998 AMG UNIT Lee County
03-20121 BEHRENS, ANGELYNE Bastrop County
03-20275 WEISE "A" Lee County
03-20969 NEIBEL, J. B. Fayette County
03-21310 KTB UNIT Fayette County
03-21366 NAN "A" Fayette County
03-21457 FARMER Fayette County
03-21519 LEHMANN Fayette County
03-21567 MACH Fayette County
03-21612 NAN "B" Fayette County
03-21696 GUENTHER-AMARADO Fayette County
03-21752 GLAISER-POST OAKS Fayette County
03-21808 HORNE UNIT Washington County
03-21925 PETRAS-AMARADO Fayette County
03-21976 WILLIAMS CREEK Fayette County
03-22027 WATFORD Washington County
03-22058 HIGH HILL CREEK UNIT Fayette County
03-22077 BROESCHE UNIT Washington County
03-22078 NAN "C" Fayette County
03-22127 WILDNER Fayette County
03-22243 BROWN Fayette County
03-22312 COZY CORNER UNIT Fayette County
03-223657 PAULUS ESTATE Fayette County
03-22452 HANEY UNIT Fayette County
03-22453 NEWTON-SVRCEK Fayette County
03-22470 TOWNSITE Fayette County
03-22550 LAGRANGE TOWNSITE Fayette County
03-22641 PECAN CREEK Fayette County
03-25473 LORENZ Fayette County
03-25496 LORENZ, KAY Fayette County
03-25878 CHERRY UNIT II Fayette County
03-25926 CHERRY Fayette County
03-26035 FALCON Brazos County
03-26250 CHANEY Grimes County
03-26508 FLECK Fayette County
03-271089 CHANEY Grimes County
06-157656 PARKER POINT Angelina County
09-20947 WEETH, EUNICE Wilbarger County

Drilling Permits Filed by Weber Energy Corporation