Whitehawk Production Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Whitehawk Production Company
Map of Wells Operated by Whitehawk Production Company
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Company Name:

P O BOX 50087

Leases Operated by Whitehawk Production Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-030729 TEXU -F- Andrews County
08-087769 UNIVERSITY 12 Andrews County
08-153209 UNIVERSITY 21-10 Andrews County
08-164084 UNIVERSITY 19-11 Andrews County
08-164114 UNIVERSITY "9-12" Andrews County
08-164117 UNIVERSITY "10-12" Andrews County
08-164118 UNIVERSITY "14-12" Andrews County
08-164186 UNIVERSITY 18-12 Andrews County
08-164480 UNIVERSITY 29-12 Andrews County
08-23617 PHILLIPS-UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-23618 UNIVERSITY "48" Andrews County
08-29852 UNIVERSITY -48 A Andrews County
08-31709 UNIVERSITY -38- S Andrews County
08-31710 UNIVERSITY -38- N Andrews County
08-34418 UNIVERSITY ANDREWS -87- Andrews County
08-34419 UNIVERSITY ANDREWS -29- Andrews County
7C-04865 WINTERBOTHAM Tom Green County
8A-163205 JONES 22-7 Gaines County
8A-164081 JONES 22-7 Gaines County
8A-164082 JONES 22-7 Gaines County
8A-164189 JONES 23-7 Gaines County
8A-164483 JONES 22-7 Gaines County
8A-164484 JONES 22-7 Gaines County
8A-165596 JONES 20-7 Gaines County
8A-165597 JONES 20-7 Gaines County
8A-165610 JONES 21A-7 Gaines County
8A-165611 JONES 21A-7 Gaines County
8A-165612 JONES 21A-7 Gaines County
8A-165613 JONES 22-7 Gaines County
8A-165614 JONES 22-7 Gaines County
8A-165649 JONES 24-7 Gaines County
8A-165652 JONES 496-G Gaines County
8A-165653 JONES 496-G Gaines County
8A-165654 JONES 497-G Gaines County
8A-165655 JONES 497-G Gaines County
8A-165656 JONES 498-G Gaines County
8A-165658 JONES 498-G Gaines County
8A-165661 JONES 22-7 Gaines County
8A-166476 JONES 22-7 Gaines County
8A-166477 JONES 23-7 Gaines County
8A-67632 JONES 23-7 Gaines County
8A-67786 JONES 3-8 Gaines County
8A-67876 JONES 18-7 Gaines County
8A-67929 TEXAKOMA - JONES ESTATE Gaines County
8A-68101 TEXAKOMA - JONES ESTATE Gaines County
8A-68242 JONES 21A-7 Gaines County
8A-68243 JONES 22-7 Gaines County
8A-68281 JONES 20-7 Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Whitehawk Production Company