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P O BOX 52290


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Leases Operated by Williams Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-01352 ALTMAN Winkler County
08-035605 WRISTEN BROS. Ward County
08-037039 TUBB, J. B. -J- Crane County
08-05885 HAYZLETT, S. F. Ward County
08-066124 TUBB -A- Crane County
08-068060 WRISTEN BROS. Ward County
08-07334 JOHNSON, W. D. Ward County
08-08518 MCKNIGHT, EWELL, ETAL Crane County
08-09005 EDWARDS, C., JR., ETAL -A- Crane County
08-09066 EDWARDS, C., JR., ETAL -A- Crane County
08-09961 MCKNIGHT, E., ETAL Crane County
08-10804 MCKNIGHT, EWELL, ETAL Crane County
08-10962 MCKNIGHT, EWELL, ETAL Crane County
08-11496 MCKNIGHT, M. B. Crane County
08-126518 JOHNSON, W. D. -E- Ward County
08-12657 EDWARDS Ward County
08-12754 EDWARDS, C., JR., ET AL -A- Crane County
08-14222 EDWARDS -A- Crane County
08-14440 EDWARDS -B- Ward County
08-17588 EDWARDS, J. H. Crane County
08-186129 TUBB, J. B. -J- Crane County
08-19103 EDWARDS, C. W., ETAL -A- Crane County
08-19600 MEDLEY Reeves County
08-203707 CROLEY ESTATE Crane County
08-20408 UNIVERSITY -31- Winkler County
08-204151 TUBB, J. B. Crane County
08-24997 EDWARDS, JANELLE -A- Ward County
08-25709 EDWARDS Ward County
08-27367 SEALY, GEORGE Ward County
08-27876 MCCURDY-MCCUTCHEON Winkler County
08-28137 MCKNIGHT, M.B. Crane County
08-28325 COWDEN Winkler County
08-28440 MCCUTCHEN Winkler County
08-28665 HOOK Pecos County
08-30184 HAYZLETT Ward County
08-33498 MCKNIGHT, M. B. Crane County
08-33674 CROLEY Crane County
08-33844 MCKNIGHT, M. B. Crane County
08-34234 EDWARDS, JANELLE Ward County
08-34953 MCKNIGHT, M. B. Crane County
08-35323 MCKNIGHT, E. Crane County
08-36150 EDWARDS, C. W. ET AL A Crane County
08-36283 EDWARDS, C. JR. "A" Crane County
08-37299 EDWARDS B Ward County
08-37559 MCKNIGHT - RAYDEN Crane County
08-37650 MCKNIGHT, M. B. 21A Crane County
08-37660 MCKNIGHT, M. B. 21 Crane County
08-37685 PAN AM FEE "A" Crane County
08-37693 MCKNIGHT, M.B. 21 Crane County
08-38538 EDWARDS 4 Ward County
08-38689 EDWARDS 27 Ward County
08-38942 EDWARDS 4 Ward County
08-39388 TUBB "A" Crane County
08-39416 EDWARDS 27 Ward County
08-40123 EDWARDS, BARBARA 28 Ward County
08-45179 EDWARDS A Crane County
08-45508 KAUFMAN, RUTH H.,-A- Ward County
08-46344 TUBB, J.B. ESTATE B Ward County
08-48310 STEEPLE 0 '5' Ward County
08-48312 STEEPLE O '4' Ward County
08-50118 ROCK HOUSE 5 Ward County
08-50208 BEL TERRA A Ward County
08-50958 ROCK HOUSE 6 Ward County
08-55812 EDWARDS -B- Ward County
08-56276 JANELLE EDWARDS 26 Ward County
08-58938 MCKNIGHT - RAYDEN Crane County
7B-05596 ROWAN & HOPE UNIT Nolan County
7B-13578 RICE, J.M. "A" Nolan County
7B-13679 BYRD, J.W. Nolan County
7B-20582 COOPER, J. B. Nolan County
7C-019361 HARRIS -C- Schleicher County
7C-02040 HARRIS -C- Schleicher County
7C-02042 HARKEY -A- Schleicher County
7C-02682 ROBINSON-E Schleicher County
7C-047734 TUCKER Schleicher County
7C-054924 MCANGUS, LIZZIE Schleicher County
7C-06364 TUCKER Schleicher County
7C-070567 DERRICK Schleicher County
7C-159932 TUCKER Schleicher County

Drilling Permits Filed by Williams Oil Company