A.C.T. Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By A.C.T. Operating Company
Map of Wells Operated by A.C.T. Operating Company
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1001 MAIN ST STE 202

(806) 783-8787

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Leases Operated by A.C.T. Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01042 ROSS, C. P. Caldwell County
01-01127 GEARY, A. F., -A- Caldwell County
01-02068 YOUNG, J. M. Caldwell County
01-02318 ELLISON, WALTER -D- Caldwell County
01-02579 COOKE, TRAVIS C. ET AL Caldwell County
01-03942 TERRELL, H. A. Caldwell County
01-03953 GEARY, A. F. Caldwell County
01-04094 KAISER Caldwell County
01-04105 BARBER, M. EST. Caldwell County
01-04111 BARBER, S. L. LOVELL Caldwell County
01-04112 DINGES, W.E. -A- Caldwell County
01-04202 YOUNG, J. M. -B- Caldwell County
01-05670 LACKEY, C.L. "C" Caldwell County
01-05710 COOKE, TRAVIS C. "B" Caldwell County
01-07975 ALEXANDER Bastrop County
01-08213 ALEXANDER, C. Bastrop County
01-08490 BATEMAN (AUSTIN CHALK) UNIT Bastrop County
01-09048 VOIGHT, WYVONNE Bastrop County
01-09279 LENTZ, CODY Bastrop County
01-09280 SEIDEL Bastrop County
01-09450 VALOIS Bastrop County
01-09509 WENDLAND Bastrop County
01-09615 HENDRIX Bastrop County
01-09780 MARTIN Bastrop County
01-09923 LENTZ, O.B. Bastrop County
01-10205 THREADGILL,V. Caldwell County
01-13486 DINGES, CHARLES Caldwell County
10-05484 HARRIS-LADD Moore County
7B-28373 WHITWORTH Fisher County
7B-28426 ALLDREDGE Fisher County
7B-28541 J. BAKER UNIT Fisher County
7B-28568 WHITWORTH UNIT Fisher County
7B-28613 JACQUES CANYON UNIT Fisher County
7B-28654 BUTLER Fisher County
7B-28675 WRIGHT Fisher County
7B-28782 BAKER CANYON UNIT Fisher County
7B-28856 WRIGHT STRAWN UNIT Fisher County
8A-03895 ROULAIN, L. S. ET AL Cochran County
8A-03900 ST. CLAIR Cochran County
8A-61046 POLVADO, E. L. Cochran County
8A-61518 SNODGRASS "D" Cochran County
8A-61547 POLVADO, E. L. - D Cochran County
8A-61578 SNODGRASS, A. Cochran County
8A-61734 ST. CLAIR "A" - D Cochran County
8A-61807 SNODGRASS A - D Cochran County
8A-61873 MCCASLAND "D" Cochran County
8A-62733 ST. CLAIR Cochran County
8A-62760 SNODGRASS, A. Cochran County
8A-63501 COLEMAN, W. R. Cochran County
8A-63904 RJR RANCH-HODGDEN Cochran County
8A-64266 DRENNAN Cochran County
8A-64349 SNODGRASS "B" Cochran County
8A-64364 BENSON Cochran County
8A-64519 ST. CLAIR "A" Cochran County
8A-64547 ST. CLAIR "B" Cochran County
8A-64563 ROMANS "A" Cochran County
8A-64610 ROULAIN Cochran County
8A-64729 OUTLAW Cochran County
8A-64842 CARPENTER Cochran County
8A-64848 FULTON Cochran County
8A-65249 CALICO Cochran County
8A-65328 BLAKE Cochran County
8A-65340 HODGES Hockley County
8A-65867 DRENNAN "A" Cochran County
8A-70136 BENSON (JD) Cochran County
8A-70386 SLAUGHTER Cochran County
8A-70422 MORTON UNIT Cochran County

Drilling Permits Filed by A.C.T. Operating Company