Abraxas Petroleum Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Abraxas Petroleum Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Abraxas Petroleum Corporation
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Leases Operated by Abraxas Petroleum Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-15752 GRASS FARM UNIT Atascosa County
01-15782 COBRA McMullen County
01-16349 COBRA B McMullen County
01-16408 MUSTANG McMullen County
01-16641 CORVETTE C McMullen County
01-16708 GRAN TORINO A McMullen County
01-16983 STING RAY A McMullen County
01-17018 CORVETTE A McMullen County
01-17099 CAMARO B McMullen County
01-17391 BLUE EYES UNIT Atascosa County
01-17582 SNAKE EYES UNIT Atascosa County
01-17721 SPANISH EYES UNIT Atascosa County
01-17739 EAGLE EYES UNIT Atascosa County
01-17860 R. HENRY McMullen County
01-18072 RIBEYE UNIT Atascosa County
01-18221 CAT EYES UNIT Atascosa County
01-18889 BULLSEYE UNIT Atascosa County
01-19098 SHUT EYE UNIT Atascosa County
02-162215 KUESTER UNIT DeWitt County
02-165379 SCHULZ UNIT Live Oak County
02-169016 KUESTER UNIT DeWitt County
02-171588 STEINMANN DeWitt County
02-180461 PETTUS, W. W. HEIRS Goliad County
02-244340 HENSON GAS UNIT Lavaca County
04-12594 WELDER, MINNIE S. San Patricio County
04-179245 STATE TRACT 309 Nueces County
04-179722 STATE TRACT 308 Nueces County
04-277642 WELDER, MINNIE S. San Patricio County
08-053610 UNIVERSITY 16-21 Ward County
08-188767 FIDELITY TRUST "21" Reeves County
08-203711 CAPRITO 82 Ward County
08-25059 BRENNAND, EST OF R. S. JR. Mitchell County
08-25072 BRENNAND, H. D. Mitchell County
08-25689 BRENNAND "A" Mitchell County
08-25848 TURPIN, ROBERT M. ESTATE Ward County
08-26471 BARBER Mitchell County
08-27222 POOR FARM Mitchell County
08-27338 CVS Mitchell County
08-27577 WOMACK Mitchell County
08-27820 POOR FARM -B- Mitchell County
08-27982 POOR FARM -C- Mitchell County
08-28303 BRENNAND, H. D. -B- Mitchell County
08-29065 VARNER-PIERCY Mitchell County
08-31892 HALL, G. T. 31-A- Ward County
08-32049 UNIVERSITY -31- Ward County
08-34903 CAPRITO 98 Ward County
08-34982 FORTUNE Martin County
08-35054 MATTHEWS Martin County
08-35061 CAPRITO 83 Ward County
08-48488 CAPRITO 99 Ward County
08-49223 CAPRITO 98 Ward County
08-49754 CAPRITO 83 Ward County
08-49937 CAPRITO 82 Ward County
08-51227 GREASEWOOD Ward County
08-51804 MESQUITE 37 Ward County
08-52088 PECAN 47 Ward County
09-20200 HARRIS Clay County
7B-04375 SMITH, CLEO Stonewall County
7B-30731 SPIRES RANCH Nolan County
7C-060781 MILLICAN REEF UNIT Coke County
7C-066715 MILLICAN REEF UNIT Coke County
7C-10733 MILLICAN REEF UNIT Coke County
8A-05646 MILLS-PATTON "B" Mitchell County
8A-60457 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Scurry County
8A-61181 MINOR Scurry County
8A-61215 HUDDLESTON "A" Scurry County
8A-61393 HUDDLESTON "B" Scurry County
8A-61725 BROWNFIELD Scurry County
8A-61773 MCLAUGHLIN "A" Scurry County
8A-63554 KOGER Martin County
8A-66139 LEE, CARL JR. Yoakum County
8A-66981 ALLIANCE TRUST Scurry County
8A-66982 BURNEY "B" Scurry County
8A-66984 THOMPSON Scurry County
8A-66985 PEARSON Scurry County
8A-66986 BURNEY Scurry County
8A-66989 BURNEY "C" Scurry County
8A-66990 BURNEY "D" Scurry County
8A-67013 HUDDLESTON "E" Scurry County
8A-67752 HUDDLESTON F Scurry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Abraxas Petroleum Corporation