Adobe Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Adobe Operating Company
Map of Wells Operated by Adobe Operating Company
Contact Information
Company Name:

P O BOX 1817
PAMPA, TX 79066-1817

Leases Operated by Adobe Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-00235 JACKSON Gray County
10-00237 MEERS -C- Gray County
10-00242 WALBERG Gray County
10-00328 BINKLEY, O. E. Gray County
10-00332 MERTEN, H. H. Gray County
10-00345 CATLIN Gray County
10-00346 COBB Gray County
10-00374 SAUNDERS -B- Gray County
10-00545 WORLEY-REYNOLDS Gray County
10-00552 MCKINNEY, B. E. Gray County
10-00610 OCHILTREE Gray County
10-00682 SHORT Gray County
10-00683 SHORT -A- Gray County
10-00906 BADGER Hutchinson County
10-00909 MOORE Hutchinson County
10-00910 TIMMS Hutchinson County
10-01240 T.D. LEWIS -A- Hutchinson County
10-01269 GARNER, C. R. "A" Carson County
10-01270 GARNER, C. R. -B- NCT-4 Carson County
10-01271 GARNER, C. R. "B" Hutchinson County
10-01276 MOORE, J. W. Hutchinson County
10-01801 BONEY, T. J. NCT-3 Carson County
10-023192 DAUER Carson County
10-023221 LANE Carson County
10-023224 MONGOLE "A" Gray County
10-023232 TEXAS Carson County
10-023236 WHITE DEER Carson County
10-023247 MAGNOLIA FEE Carson County
10-023252 MEERS Gray County
10-024565 KELLY Moore County
10-024640 BINKLEY, O. E. Gray County
10-025716 BADGER Hutchinson County
10-04695 SHARON Gray County
10-04772 RAMMING, A.J. Carson County
10-04775 HAIDUK Carson County
10-04801 BELL Gray County
10-04911 ANDERWALD Carson County
10-04953 ENSERCH Carson County
10-04954 MCCONNELL Carson County
10-04961 ANDERWALD "B" Carson County
10-05042 LLOYD Gray County
10-05099 ALLEY Carson County
10-05105 ALLEY Gray County
10-05110 GLENN Carson County
10-05362 DARLENE Carson County
10-05474 ANDERWALD "C" Carson County
10-05565 COOPER Carson County
10-05585 MAGIC Carson County
10-05586 WAB-EVELYN Carson County
10-05634 BERREY Carson County
10-05890 RICK Carson County
10-078812 MEERS Gray County
10-122697 KELLY Moore County
10-128087 KELLY Moore County
10-128281 KELLY Moore County

Drilling Permits Filed by Adobe Operating Company