Alleder Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Alleder Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Alleder Inc.
Contact Information
Company Name:

P O BOX 233

(432) 687-1123

Leases Operated by Alleder Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-13018 LOCKHART & BROWN -B- Andrews County
08-14865 ATLANTIC FEE -13-A- Pecos County
08-14983 COOPWOOD, EVA Andrews County
08-17998 ROOSEVELT -12- Pecos County
08-180897 EMBRY Ector County
08-18322 STATE 12 -N- Pecos County
08-18707 ATLANTIC FEE -13- A Pecos County
08-20157 ATLANTIC FEE, -11- Pecos County
08-22175 WRAGE-GUNN Glasscock County
08-22791 LYNDAL Midland County
08-24010 WEYMAN "D" Glasscock County
08-24011 WEYMAN "E" Glasscock County
08-24033 WEYMAN "F" Glasscock County
08-25878 LINDLEY -A- Andrews County
08-26904 MASHBURN Midland County
08-28584 LINDLEY -B- Andrews County
08-29005 LINDLEY -C- Andrews County
08-29342 LINDLEY Andrews County
08-29899 RIGGAN Andrews County
08-30298 GUNN Glasscock County
08-31261 PARKER Ector County
08-31573 STATE Pecos County
08-33550 WEYMAN "F" Glasscock County
08-33666 SCHWARTZ, NESTE Glasscock County
08-33910 WEYMAN Glasscock County
08-34987 GINDORF Andrews County
08-35124 KNIGHT, GENE Andrews County
08-35423 SIEDEL Andrews County
08-44947 DEBUS Glasscock County
08-45825 KITTIE PEARL Andrews County
09-252370 ALLEDER UNIT Parker County

Drilling Permits Filed by Alleder Inc.