Anschutz Exploration Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Anschutz Exploration Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Anschutz Exploration Corporation
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Leases Operated by Anschutz Exploration Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-163607 CLODINE GAS UNIT NO. 3 Harris County
03-169073 BENTON TRUST Fort Bend County
03-169773 TXI OPERATIONS, L. P. Fort Bend County
03-170429 AMERICAN BRECO Fort Bend County
03-170781 VAUGHT, MARY RUTH HUNTINGTON Fort Bend County
03-178708 CLODINE GAS UNIT NO. 3 Harris County
03-189322 AMERICAN BRECO Fort Bend County
04-182948 YTURRIA, FRANK D. Willacy County
04-184409 YTURRIA, H. Willacy County
04-186014 YTURRIA, F. D. Willacy County
04-187328 RIO FARMS Hidalgo County
09-32365 RIDER Wilbarger County
09-32647 HOLCOMB Hardeman County
09-32783 PENNINGTON Wilbarger County
09-32961 CATO-BRADSHAW Hardeman County
09-32976 WIT RANCH Hardeman County
09-32983 CATO Hardeman County
09-32985 WHITE Wilbarger County
09-33000 MCDUFF Wilbarger County
09-33046 WALLINGFORD Wilbarger County
09-33090 WHITE Wilbarger County
09-33123 HAYDEN A UNIT Montague County
09-33124 HAYDEN B UNIT Montague County
09-33126 HENRY B UNIT Montague County
09-33165 CATO-BRADSHAW Hardeman County
8A-67527 U. E. FARMS Lamb County
8A-70232 HEARD 4 Hale County

Drilling Permits Filed by Anschutz Exploration Corporation