Aop Operating Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Aop Operating Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Aop Operating Corporation
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Leases Operated by Aop Operating Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01535 HERRERA, GREGORIO McMullen County
01-06514 GILLETTE Gonzales County
01-07106 KNANDEL, JAMES Gonzales County
01-07658 EHLINGER, H.H. Gonzales County
01-07761 SWEENEY, CAMILLE Frio County
01-09040 DAVIS Gonzales County
01-11891 HERRERA, GREGORIA ET AL McMullen County
01-11897 HERRERA, GREGORIA ET AL McMullen County
01-11929 HERRERA, GREGORIA ET AL McMullen County
01-11994 HERRERA, GREGORIA ET AL McMullen County
01-12142 HERRERA, GREGORIA ET AL McMullen County
01-12293 HERRERA, G. 1-A McMullen County
01-12762 HERRERA, GREGORIO ETAL McMullen County
01-14043 HERRERA, GREGORIO, ET AL McMullen County
01-14050 HERRERA, GREGORIO ET AL McMullen County
03-085270 PENELOPE Lee County
03-085370 EBERSOLE, ELEANOR Washington County
03-085840 HIPPOLYTE Washington County
03-087152 CASSANDRA Lee County
03-087465 GARRETT, TERESA UNIT Lee County
03-090544 SUZANNE UNIT Fayette County
03-093897 ULLRICH, RANDY UNIT Fayette County
03-097271 OCTAVIA UNIT Washington County
03-118528 WITHERS FRANCIS Fayette County
03-11993 JOANIE UNIT Fayette County
03-12217 LAURIE UNIT Lee County
03-123112 GOLDAPP Fayette County
03-12615 PRISCILLA UNIT Fayette County
03-13285 GUPTON, MARGUERITE UNIT Washington County
03-13543 BYLER, ROBBIE Fayette County
03-13651 HEARN, MARY UNIT Fayette County
03-14357 ISIS Fayette County
03-14649 KOENNING, HATTIE Fayette County
03-14663 MORGAN, W.L. Fayette County
03-14741 ANDERSON, LINDA UNIT Fayette County
03-14883 MARGARET JOHNSON Fayette County
03-16423 CLAUDIA Fayette County
03-18191 MILDRED MAY Fayette County
03-19148 FREEMAN, D. A. ET AL Fayette County
03-19782 GOLDAPP Fayette County
03-20833 WITHERS, FRANCIS Fayette County
7B-09398 STOCKTON, HUGH Taylor County
7B-09511 ROBERTSON, A. I. Taylor County
7B-09593 STANDARD, B. L. Taylor County
7B-09687 STANDARD, B. L.-STATE Taylor County
7B-126657 STOCKTON, HUGH Taylor County
7B-14773 LITTLE, OSCAR Taylor County
7B-23660 CLARE Callahan County
7B-23681 CLARE "A" Callahan County
7B-23682 JONES, JACK Callahan County
7B-23683 POINDEXTER, T.N. Callahan County
7B-23711 JOHNSON, F. Callahan County
7B-23729 JONES, JAMES Callahan County
7B-24297 JOHNSON, FRANK "A" Callahan County
7B-24366 JONES "N" Callahan County
7B-24485 JOHNSON, FRANK "B" Callahan County
7B-24573 JOHNSON, HOPE Callahan County
7B-25015 JOHNSON, FRANK "A" Callahan County
7B-25237 JONES RANCH Callahan County
7B-25542 JONES Callahan County
7B-27003 CLARE (GRAY) UNIT Callahan County
7B-27008 STEVENS Coleman County

Drilling Permits Filed by Aop Operating Corporation