Arch Petroleum Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Arch Petroleum Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Arch Petroleum Inc.
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P O BOX 2504

Leases Operated by Arch Petroleum Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-020373 PURE-WALTON Winkler County
08-020410 BASH Winkler County
08-020445 PURE-WALTON Winkler County
08-020446 PURE-WALTON Winkler County
08-020447 PURE-WALTON Winkler County
08-020448 PURE-WALTON Winkler County
08-020478 BASH Winkler County
08-03271 MONTEX-WALTON -E- Winkler County
08-03272 PURE-WALTON Winkler County
08-03361 PURE-WALTON Winkler County
08-03366 BASH Winkler County
08-122820 POGO WALTON B Winkler County
08-127781 POGO WALTON B Winkler County
08-139697 PURE WALTON Winkler County
08-152348 BASH Winkler County
08-153453 PURE WALTON Winkler County
08-153454 PURE WALTON Winkler County
08-153910 PURE- WALTON Winkler County
08-153912 BASH Winkler County
08-154336 PURE WALTON Winkler County
08-16091 BASH Winkler County
08-20210 POGO WALTON F Winkler County
08-23117 WILLIAMS -E- Martin County
08-23128 WOLCOTT, JULIETTE Martin County
08-32888 PURE WALTON Winkler County
09-08092 DONNELL, SALLIE R. -D- Young County
09-100350 STEELE, DAN Young County
09-102779 BRUMLEY, J.W. Young County
09-103429 SANDERS HEIRS "B" Young County
09-115184 CHERRYHOMES Jack County
09-120208 MYERS Jack County
09-168664 DONNELL, SALLIE Young County
09-17848 RONEY, VERA Jack County
09-18113 JONES, SHELTON Jack County
09-18349 JACKSON, G. A. Jack County
09-19986 STREET, ANNA Jack County
09-25357 KAYSER, E. W., JR. Young County
09-26088 BURT, VERNON "A" Jack County
09-28747 DONNELL, SALLIE R. Young County
09-28786 DAWS Young County
09-28899 DONNELL, W. T. Throckmorton County
09-28900 W.T. DONNELL UNIT Throckmorton County
09-29320 DONNELL, SALLIE Young County
09-29338 DONNELL, SALLIE Young County
7B-080905 WARD, J. M. ESTATE Stephens County
7B-089813 MILLER RANCH Coleman County
7C-01750 INGHAM, HOMER Reagan County
7C-01772 ALDWELL -A- Reagan County
7C-04832 WRIGHT, RUBY, -46- Reagan County
7C-05830 DOUGLAS -28- Reagan County
7C-05930 BOYD, O. F. -C- Reagan County
7C-06034 NUNN, J. F. Reagan County
7C-06067 ALDWELL "35" Reagan County
7C-06503 WELLS, ONA -A- Reagan County
7C-06518 WELLS, ONA -B- Reagan County
7C-071740 SPECK Menard County
7C-072382 SYKES, BOBBY R. Menard County
7C-073449 SYKES, BOBBY R. Menard County
7C-075549 SPECK ESTATE Menard County
7C-11730 PHILLIPS-ZULETTE "A" Reagan County
7C-11755 HAM "B" Reagan County
7C-11781 ZULETTE 27-28 Reagan County
7C-11791 PHILLIPS-ZULETTE Reagan County
7C-11816 BOREN PAN AM HUGHES "C" Reagan County
7C-11824 WEDDELL, SADIE "4" Reagan County
7C-12486 UNIVERSITY "H" Reagan County
7C-13907 LANE, O. N. Reagan County
7C-13908 BOYD, W. E., ET AL Reagan County
7C-13909 DOUGLAS, N. L. Reagan County
7C-13910 BOYD, O.F. -B- Reagan County
7C-13911 BOYD, O. F. Reagan County
7C-13912 BOYD, O. F. -A- Reagan County
7C-13913 DOUGLAS, -28- Reagan County
8A-61150 MOORE, B. F. Dawson County
8A-61279 BARKOWSKY UNIT Dawson County
8A-61295 DAVIS, THEODORE Dawson County
8A-65379 WOOD, CLARK "BB" Crosby County
8A-66198 ANDREWS Gaines County
8A-66677 CAIN, H.L. Gaines County
8A-68065 WOOD, CLARK "BB" Crosby County

Drilling Permits Filed by Arch Petroleum Inc.