Atlantic Richfield Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Atlantic Richfield Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Atlantic Richfield Co.
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Leases Operated by Atlantic Richfield Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-03483 STEEN, J. A. ETUX Gonzales County
01-041757 BAKER, EARL McMullen County
01-042537 BAKER, EARL McMullen County
01-055744 NO LEASE NAME EXISTS FOR THIS P4 Hardin County
01-062321 COUSINS, R. D. McMullen County
02-001024 MATTHEWS-NEWSON-A- DeWitt County
02-001370 COHN, G. U. DeWitt County
02-04016 OBRIEN, J. J. -A- Refugio County
02-040447 DREIER, MARTHA DeWitt County
02-041336 OBRIEN, J. J. -A- Refugio County
02-04156 ADAMS, L. S. ET AL Live Oak County
02-041617 HOUDMAN GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-044529 OCONNOR, TOM Refugio County
02-044530 OCONNOR, TOM Refugio County
02-064888 ROOKE, P. H. Refugio County
02-065027 ROOKE, P. H. Refugio County
02-065988 BRASLAU, FRANK GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-070735 BRASLAU, FRANK GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-070751 SANGER HEIRS Live Oak County
03-00196 MCLEAN, T. H. ETAL Chambers County
03-02152 CITIZENS STATE BANK, ETAL Tyler County
03-02153 POWELL, P. H., UNIT Tyler County
03-031859 LUNDQUIST GAS UNIT Colorado County
03-032007 H & TC FEE SEC. 197 Hardin County
03-034443 SILSBEE GAS UNIT -A- Hardin County
03-034977 HENDERSON GAS UNIT Jasper County
03-049160 H & TC FEE SEC. 189 Hardin County
03-05494 KIRBY-POLLARD Newton County
03-055744 KUDERER OIL UNIT I Hardin County
03-06563 FLORES, MARTIN, OIL UNIT -B- Jasper County
03-06605 KEYSTONE MILLS-BERT./UCKFLD.SD/U Montgomery County
03-08246 WALLET GAS UNIT Hardin County
03-08289 TRUSTY OIL UNIT Hardin County
03-09300 YOUNG, C. A. Tyler County
03-09885 H & TC FEE SEC. 188 Hardin County
03-10231 HOOPER, W. N. Montgomery County
03-10649 TRUSTY OIL UNIT Hardin County
04-015101 WOMACK, J. Y. San Patricio County
04-015124 WOMACK, J. Y. San Patricio County
04-01925 STATE 407 Nueces County
04-01932 BURNETT, COY Nueces County
04-01938 CORPUS CHRISTI BAY ST. TRACT 406 Nueces County
04-02309 PUSTEJOVSKY, M. B. "B" Jim Wells County
06-016194 FROST LMBR. INC. Panola County
06-016237 PITTS GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-016269 BOSCH ESTATE Harrison County
06-03203 JONES, ROY H., UNIT Upshur County
06-03249 FARMER, J. M. Upshur County
08-00444 UNIVERSITY -D- Crane County
08-040441 TXL -P- Ector County
08-040803 FIDELITY TRUST Reeves County
08-046332 TXL -D- Ector County
08-04648 FORD, H. M. TRACT -A- Andrews County
08-047396 TUBB -10- UNIT Winkler County
08-04838 CONNELL, W. E. TRACT -A- Ector County
08-16174 ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH Andrews County
08-16334 FOSTER-PEQUES UNIT Ector County
08-16788 CONNELL, W.E., TR. -D- Ector County
08-17050 CONNELL, W.E., TR. -D- Ector County
08-18148 WILLIAMSON, JESSIE MAY -D- Ector County
08-18537 UNIVERSITY 11/SEC. 1/ Andrews County
10-01188 JOHNSON RANCH -B- Hutchinson County
10-01545 MESSALL, B. G. Ochiltree County
10-01552 JONES, ORTHA E. Ochiltree County
10-01578 HIGGINBOTHAM, EDITH W. Ochiltree County
10-01638 SWINK, R. L. Ochiltree County
6E-08052 PRICE, J. M. -B- Rusk County
6E-08284 MT. COMFORT CHURCH LOT Rusk County
7B-01857 YOUNG, JULIA BRYAN Fisher County
7B-01997 MCINTYRE-HACKFIELD Fisher County
7C-00358 THOMSON, F.M. Schleicher County
7C-00359 ARROTT, HOUSTON TR. -A- Schleicher County
7C-039438 HULLDALE REEF UNIT Schleicher County
7C-040683 MURPHY, ANNIE Schleicher County
7C-044329 MURPHY, ANNIE Schleicher County
7C-045489 ARCO FEE -21- Pecos County
7C-048373 HOUSTON ARROTT, TR. -A- Schleicher County
7C-052825 ARCO FEE 21 Pecos County

Drilling Permits Filed by Atlantic Richfield Co.