Atlantis Oil Company, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Atlantis Oil Company, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Atlantis Oil Company, Inc.
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TYLER, TX 75701


Leases Operated by Atlantis Oil Company, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-01377 MALAKOFF SOUTH /BACON LIME/ UNIT Henderson County
05-01934 BRUCE FARMS Van Zandt County
05-02121 CARROLL, INA K. OIL UNIT -A- Navarro County
05-02202 MILLIGAN, DRU OIL UNIT -A- Navarro County
05-02381 CLEM, O.E. Van Zandt County
05-02450 SAYLORS, MAUDE HEIRS Henderson County
05-02462 FERGUSON, J. B. Henderson County
05-02856 HOWLE "A" Hopkins County
05-02859 ISOM Hopkins County
05-02873 MAYFIELD Henderson County
05-02900 COKER "C" Hopkins County
05-02929 MORRIS, J. J. "A" Hopkins County
05-03063 BETTS Leon County
05-03197 ROCHE Henderson County
05-03279 HEDDIN, A. C. Van Zandt County
05-03378 MORRIS, J. J. Hopkins County
05-03379 FOSTER, DERMOT Hopkins County
05-03380 COKER, W. H. Hopkins County
05-03381 LIVINGSTON, L. H. Hopkins County
05-03382 FORD-SIMMS Hopkins County
05-03383 BOZEMAN, DRILLAR Hopkins County
05-03386 KENDRICK, LAWYER Hopkins County
05-038757 WYNNE, T. L. UNIT Henderson County
05-121295 HOWLE Hopkins County
05-137078 CARROLL, INA K. -C- Navarro County
05-138389 CLARK, DOROTHY -C- Navarro County
06-00840 BLACKWELL, W. H. ETAL UNIT Wood County
06-00841 HUDSON, M. A. ETAL UNIT Wood County
06-00844 MCWHIRTER, ETAL UNIT -A- Wood County
06-00847 NOE, J. L. Wood County
06-00866 BAILEY, W. F. 1-R Wood County
06-00868 CLOVER HILL SCHOOL Wood County
06-00869 BAILEY, W. F. Wood County
06-01338 CHRIETZBURG, J. C. Wood County
06-01342 STONE-JOHNSON Wood County
06-01344 TAYLOR, P. -A- Wood County
06-01345 TAYLOR, P. -B- Wood County
06-01389 RAPPE-TURNER -1A- Wood County
06-02901 BAGGETT, W. T. Wood County
06-04871 NOE, H. H. Wood County
06-05091 TAYLOR, EARNEST Wood County
06-05282 GRICE, W. W., ESTATE -A- Wood County
06-05535 HOWARD, HALLIE OIL UNIT Wood County
06-05722 TAYLOR, PINKIE -CB- Wood County
06-05772 GRICE UNIT #2 Wood County
06-05808 GRICE,W.W. UNIT 2 Wood County
06-089950 HUNT, LACY H. II Nacogdoches County
06-093292 NEW BIRMINGHAM MINERALS CORP. Cherokee County
06-096087 GREEN, CARROLL Wood County
06-10249 HANKS UNIT II Anderson County
06-10321 CAIN Wood County
06-10388 BOMER, ELTON, ET AL Anderson County
06-10427 PLOCHER-RAPPE-TURNER Wood County
06-10478 LAMBRIGHT, B. G. Anderson County
06-10585 MORAN, H.G. Anderson County
06-10665 HEMUS Anderson County
06-10842 TAYLOR, E.J. Wood County
06-11196 SOAPE, R. Smith County
06-114158 ACME BRICK Nacogdoches County
06-121977 BRYANT Rusk County
06-12336 LILES, KATIE SUE Wood County
06-12588 HOLLAND HEIRS Smith County
06-12614 TAYLOR, OWEN Wood County
06-12673 MOODY NATIONAL BANK Rusk County
06-12833 TAYLOR, OWEN "A" Wood County
06-12837 TAYLOR, P. -A- Wood County
06-12860 ANNIE "C" Smith County
06-12930 WELLS LAND & CATTLE COMPANY Wood County
06-129949 PRINCE GAS UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-13062 STONE 4 Rusk County
06-13124 BAILEY, SELETHEA Wood County
06-13194 WELLS, J. W. Wood County
06-13210 WELLS, J.W. Wood County
06-13249 WELLS, J.W. Wood County
06-13254 GUY, O. L. Smith County
06-13815 LANE CHAPEL, W. (PALUXY B) UNIT Smith County
06-13831 JORDAN, BELVIA HEIRS Rusk County
06-14481 KANGERGA Rusk County
06-158439 LEE, EDDIE C. Nacogdoches County
06-158440 MCDUFFIE, HERMAN Nacogdoches County

Drilling Permits Filed by Atlantis Oil Company, Inc.