B.P. Productions Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By B.P. Productions Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by B.P. Productions Inc.
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Leases Operated by B.P. Productions Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-08980 S.T.S.-SOUTH TEXAS SYNDICATE McMullen County
01-110100 S.T.S. -E- McMullen County
01-14907 SOUTH TEXAS SYNDICATE McMullen County
02-00039 TERRELL Goliad County
02-00054 ARNOLD Goliad County
02-00055 BLACKBURN Goliad County
02-00057 LUTENBACHER Goliad County
02-00058 TERRELL Goliad County
02-001006 JABLONSKI UNIT Goliad County
02-002027 KUESTER, CHAS. Victoria County
02-002028 KUESTER, CHAS. Victoria County
02-002036 KUESTER, CHARLES Victoria County
02-00633 KUESTER, CHAS. Victoria County
02-00640 KUESTER, CHAS. DeWitt County
02-07636 BURNS, F.H. "A" Victoria County
02-07687 ARNOLD, VIOLA Goliad County
02-07770 MCCAN, C.K. JR. ET AL "C" Victoria County
02-07909 KUESTER, CHAS. "A" Victoria County
02-08153 JABLONSKI Goliad County
02-08217 MOORE, G. Goliad County
02-08237 MOORE, G. "A" Goliad County
02-08302 BURNS, F.H. Victoria County
02-08328 MOORE-TERRELL Goliad County
02-08332 SCHMIDT BROTHERS Victoria County
02-08401 KUESTER, CHARLES Victoria County
02-08409 SCHMIDT BROTHERS Victoria County
02-084405 JANSSEN, N. F. Victoria County
02-085209 KUESTER, CHARLES Victoria County
02-08621 RIVERSIDE COTTON FARMS -B- Victoria County
02-08694 BRUNS Goliad County
02-089146 KUESTER, CHAS. Victoria County
02-091844 DIETZEL, WALTER Goliad County
02-09308 WILKINSON Goliad County
02-11536 BRUNS Goliad County
02-150038 MCCAN, C.K. KR. ET AL "B" Victoria County
02-163090 DENNEY Lavaca County
02-164208 BLACKBURN Goliad County
02-167812 MCCAN, C.K. JR., ET AL "B" Victoria County
02-168792 MCCAN Victoria County
02-169356 WOODRUFF Victoria County
02-171747 MCELROY Lavaca County
02-171752 BUJNOCH Lavaca County
02-172155 CELLI ESTATE Lavaca County
02-173585 KLIMITCHEK, JESSE Lavaca County
02-192492 GEO - HOPE Lavaca County
02-203365 CHARLES KUESTER A-207 A Victoria County
02-208149 STUMFOLL Goliad County
02-208178 FENNER Jackson County
02-209675 PARKINSON-BDL Goliad County
02-210238 JABLONSKI Goliad County
02-210769 CARPENTER Bee County
02-212286 FENNER Jackson County
02-213450 WEBER Victoria County
02-214428 JANSSEN, NELSON F. Victoria County
02-214513 JANSSEN, NELSON F. Victoria County
02-215070 YANTA CATTLE CO. Goliad County
02-218491 CARPENTER Bee County
02-230265 WEBER Victoria County
02-230757 WEBER Victoria County
02-231380 PLUMMER Goliad County
02-233589 G.B.R.A. Goliad County
02-258242 WALTER DIETZEL Goliad County
02-276040 MUSSELMAN Victoria County
02-279871 KUESTER, CHARLES Victoria County
02-284825 ROUDON Goliad County
04-11273 SW. SAN DIEGO UNIT Duval County
04-126938 GARCIA, ESTELLA "A" Duval County
04-13249 LEVY Nueces County
04-13266 LEVY Nueces County
04-13365 BARKLEY Duval County
04-13454 BLUNTZER, ROBERT D. ER AL Nueces County
04-13740 LEVY "A" Nueces County
04-141826 GARCIA, GENARO Duval County
04-149568 GARCIA, ESTELLA "A" Duval County
04-163616 GARCIA, ESTELLA -A- Duval County
04-170569 GARCIA, ESTELLA Duval County
04-194977 GARCIA, GENARO Duval County
04-197736 GARCIA, GENARO Duval County
04-222787 BARKLEY 'A' Duval County
04-246022 LEVY Nueces County

Drilling Permits Filed by B.P. Productions Inc.