Bridge Oil Company, L. P. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Bridge Oil Company, L. P.
Map of Wells Operated by Bridge Oil Company, L. P.
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Leases Operated by Bridge Oil Company, L. P.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000437 BAIN, W. S. UNIT McMullen County
01-000439 GOUGER GAS UNIT NO. 5 O/A McMullen County
01-000445 ROOS GAS UNIT NO. 1 McMullen County
01-074919 RHODE, D. W. -9- McMullen County
01-082143 MARTIN, ALONZO McMullen County
01-147962 RHODE, D. W. 9 McMullen County
02-00236 PETTUS UNIT Goliad County
02-004204 UPCHURCH, Z. Lavaca County
02-00849 FOUR-WAY RANCH Jackson County
02-00850 HAMILTON, J. H. Jackson County
02-00880 MITCHELL ESTATE Jackson County
02-00881 MITCHELL, MARY Jackson County
02-03190 PETTUS UNIT Goliad County
02-03295 PAWELEK, BEN A. Karnes County
02-06606 SIMPSON "G" Victoria County
02-06849 KOONTZ C Goliad County
02-07246 LAMBERT-WOOD Goliad County
02-07487 JOHNSON, ELMER Jackson County
02-07784 FOUR WAY RANCH Jackson County
02-088467 HANCOCK -I- Lavaca County
02-089642 MCCLELLAND Live Oak County
02-095340 MCCLELLAND G. U. "B" Live Oak County
02-098082 MCCLELLAND Live Oak County
02-099695 MCCLELLAND "C" Live Oak County
02-106489 MCCLELLAND Live Oak County
03-069326 BOETTCHER GAS UNIT Wharton County
03-11564 SCHNEIDER Lee County
03-12041 MICHELE UNIT Lee County
03-12394 HARDWICK-BIGGS UNIT Lee County
03-12413 MYERS UNIT Lee County
03-12560 JURCHAK #1 Lee County
03-12836 VIVIAN UNIT Lee County
03-12877 GINGER UNIT Lee County
03-12939 JUNEK UNIT Burleson County
03-13007 VYCHOPEN "A" Burleson County
03-19503 MCCLAIN Newton County
04-044007 GATES, A. E., -A- Webb County
04-044287 GATES, A. E., -A- Webb County
04-044610 GATES, A. E., -A- Webb County
04-047400 GATES, A. E. -A- Webb County
04-047960 PALAFOX UNIT Webb County
04-053339 OWEN, E. A. Webb County
04-053516 OWEN, E. A. Webb County
04-072989 PALAFOX UNIT Webb County
04-073855 GATES -B- Webb County
04-083208 MIDDLETON, TRIPHENE Webb County
04-083810 SAUNDERS 108 Webb County
04-084375 MIDDLETON, TRIPHENE Webb County
04-084789 SAUNDERS 108 Webb County
04-084868 SAUNDERS 108 Webb County
04-097235 GUERRA "L" Zapata County
04-098179 STATE TRACT 689-A Nueces County
04-10723 BENAVIDES, BRENNAN Duval County
04-109310 PALAFOX UNIT Webb County
04-109429 GUERRA "L" Zapata County
04-11273 SW. SAN DIEGO UNIT Duval County
04-114029 SMITH "AH" Zapata County
04-115215 JONES Webb County
04-116004 JONES Webb County
04-117609 RETTIG Webb County
04-117752 SMITH "AH" Zapata County
04-118880 TREVINO "B" Zapata County
04-123086 TREVINO "B" Zapata County
04-134519 TREVINO "B" Zapata County
04-140572 VELA-SMITH GAS UNIT Zapata County
04-142113 VELA "B" Zapata County
04-144371 VELA-SMITH G. U. Zapata County
04-144655 VELA "B" Zapata County
04-146774 GUERRA "M" Zapata County
04-147158 JONES Webb County
06-11960 BARRON, VERNON Cherokee County
08-03317 BASHARA, J. M. Winkler County
08-32489 UNIVERSITY LANDS BLOCK 4 QUEEN U Andrews County
08-34153 QUITO, S. W. (DELAWARE) UNIT Ward County
10-121216 BRITT RANCH UNIT Wheeler County
10-123176 BRITT RANCH -E- Wheeler County
10-125713 BRITT RANCH UNIT Wheeler County
8A-66337 ECHOLS (SPRABERRY) UNIT Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Bridge Oil Company, L. P.