Burleson Petroleum, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Burleson Petroleum, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Burleson Petroleum, Inc.
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P O BOX 2479

(432) 683-4747

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Leases Operated by Burleson Petroleum, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-01436 HOWENSTINE, O. Pecos County
08-01439 RIGGS, ERNEST -B- Pecos County
08-01440 HOWENSTINE -A- Pecos County
08-01632 FORD, W. T. Andrews County
08-019606 PUCKETT, DOW -C- Pecos County
08-02441 FRASER, GEO. C. -B- Ector County
08-09280 TXL Ector County
08-09642 UNIVERSITY -U- Andrews County
08-119081 RAGGETT Midland County
08-146424 BESSIE Glasscock County
08-147078 OSWALD Midland County
08-167292 UNIVERISTY ANDREWS Andrews County
08-17353 UNIVERSITY 11-23 -C- Andrews County
08-17917 TXL -WW- Ector County
08-18018 FRASER, GEO. C. Ector County
08-181508 JESSIE B Ector County
08-184087 UNIVERSITY ANDREWS Andrews County
08-18603 ARGO -B- Andrews County
08-186411 BRYANT "B" Midland County
08-215064 STATE OF TEXAS EM Andrews County
08-24509 GOLLADAY -C- Midland County
08-27868 UNIVERSITY -D- Andrews County
08-29366 FOWLER -12- Glasscock County
08-29681 TEXAS UNIVERSITY -G- Andrews County
08-33438 LOGSDON Andrews County
08-34053 UNIVERSITY D Andrews County
08-34283 BELDING YATES UNIT Pecos County
08-36125 EMBAR UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-36214 FRASER, GEORGE C. "B" Ector County
08-36603 GLASS "22" Glasscock County
08-36705 STATE OF TEXAS EM Andrews County
08-37212 HINSHAW-UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-37790 LOGSDON A Andrews County
08-38084 DONOVAN Midland County
08-38334 LOGSDON A Andrews County
08-38456 SATANTA UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-38458 BLACKDOG Andrews County
08-38690 UNIVERSITY 11-23-C- Andrews County
08-38691 STATE OF TEXAS EM -B- Andrews County
08-38782 BLUE QUAIL UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-38832 CAVE Dawson County
08-38887 UNIVERSITY 6-47B Andrews County
08-39033 UNIVERSITY 5-25 Andrews County
08-39052 ARAH PHILLIPS Martin County
08-39107 MABEE S&T Martin County
08-39284 UNIVERSITY 6-47 Andrews County
08-39954 S & T MABEE TR 5 Martin County
08-40004 ARGO -B- Andrews County
08-40049 TEXACO Q Midland County
08-40083 S&T HUMBLE Martin County
08-40337 HOLT RANCH NW Martin County
08-40387 ARGO Andrews County
08-40746 MABEE Martin County
08-41374 PEPPER "12" Martin County
08-41648 COX 21 Glasscock County
08-41769 GLASS 22 A Glasscock County
08-42579 AERMOTOR 27 Glasscock County
08-42745 PAGE FOWLER 12 Glasscock County
08-42842 BARBEE, B.H. JR. '52' Reagan County
08-42925 HOLT SWD Martin County
08-43028 MCFARLAND Andrews County
08-43576 BAKE Martin County
08-43739 DONNELL 264 Dawson County
08-43757 SHARLA 263 Dawson County
08-43807 LACY CREEK Glasscock County
08-44637 BAKE A Martin County
08-45062 HIRT Glasscock County
08-45408 DRIVER HALFMANN Glasscock County
08-45608 DRIVER A Glasscock County
08-46255 RUSSELL 58 Reagan County
08-50127 UNIVERSITY 'U' Andrews County
08-53368 HIRT Glasscock County
8A-64874 MARY "84" Dawson County
8A-64925 BERNICE "84" Dawson County
8A-69538 FOGERSON Gaines County
8A-70084 CORNEBISE Hockley County
8A-70309 DOC HOLIDAY Cochran County
8A-70820 AUGUSTA Cochran County

Drilling Permits Filed by Burleson Petroleum, Inc.