Burns Petroleum Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Burns Petroleum
Map of Wells Operated by Burns Petroleum
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Leases Operated by Burns Petroleum

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-004575 MCCAMPBELL, M. Victoria County
03-057000 POTTER E UNIT Brazoria County
03-13531 CAIN -A- Fayette County
04-051343 KUHN, A. Nueces County
04-069223 LAUREL Starr County
04-07616 WALTON, W. W. Starr County
04-076747 WALTON Starr County
04-08669 WALTON Starr County
09-00880 YORK ESTATE -B- Archer County
09-01480 HODGES, A. S. Clay County
09-01487 RIDINGS-SCHEER Clay County
09-01683 THOMPSON, JOE P. Clay County
09-01703 GOWAN, W. C. Clay County
09-01756 WILLIAMS, B. Clay County
09-01803 WILLIAMS, B. -A- Clay County
09-021517 TIPTON Jack County
09-085710 SPEER Young County
09-09326 GREEN -B- Baylor County
09-09521 LONGLEY Baylor County
09-101062 MCCULLOUGH Jack County
09-11712 BEREND -A- Archer County
09-11922 SANZENBACHER -F- Clay County
09-12112 HILL Montague County
09-12239 BURNS MIDWAY /STRAWN/ UNIT Clay County
09-12728 ANDREWS -E- Archer County
09-13279 CALVIN Archer County
09-14661 PRIDEAUX -I- Young County
09-14852 PRIDEAUX -J- Young County
09-15159 BURNS-KING UNIT Clay County
09-16834 MEUVER UNIT Archer County
09-17140 BALDWIN -A- Archer County
09-17539 SANZENBACHER -H- UNIT Clay County
09-18483 SPIVEY Clay County
09-18712 PHELPS Clay County
09-18992 CAMPBELL, MABEL -F- Clay County
09-19048 PHELPS Clay County
09-19057 BURNS Jack County
09-19131 NICHOLS Archer County
09-19142 JOHNSON-SCOTT Clay County
09-19252 REDWINE UNIT Throckmorton County
09-19515 KING, NOLEN Clay County
09-19591 ABERCROMBIE -F- Archer County
09-19600 SHEPHERD Clay County
09-20426 HASKINS Young County
09-21034 MANNING Clay County
09-21135 PETERSON "A" Young County
09-21327 BURNETT Clay County
09-21454 COWAN-MCKINNEY "MM" Archer County
09-21754 LOVE UNIT Hardeman County
7B-12388 POSERN UNIT Throckmorton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Burns Petroleum