Carter Exploration Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Carter Exploration Company
Map of Wells Operated by Carter Exploration Company
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Leases Operated by Carter Exploration Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-002275 SIMMONS, MARY Victoria County
02-002276 SIMMONS, MARY Victoria County
02-00234 SPIELHAGEN, INEZ Bee County
02-03560 TROUP EST. Refugio County
02-068210 MCKINZIE, WILLIAM Bee County
02-06903 FREEMAN, C. N. Live Oak County
02-06989 JACOBS, L. -A- Live Oak County
02-07042 JONES Live Oak County
02-07073 FREEMAN, C. N. -B- Live Oak County
02-07114 FREEMAN, C. N. Live Oak County
02-07320 SIMONS, K. Live Oak County
02-073531 TOUPS ESTATE Refugio County
02-07443 SIMONS, K. Live Oak County
02-074525 SCHILLING, HENRY Bee County
02-07511 SIMONS, K. Live Oak County
02-07667 POWELL, SAM Jackson County
02-080850 SUGAREK, MOLLIE Bee County
02-082802 ROSS Bee County
02-08291 LENTZ, EVELYN MOORE Victoria County
02-084312 KUBECKA ESTATE Jackson County
02-084314 KUBECKA ESTATE Jackson County
02-084613 SBRUSCH Jackson County
02-088471 SPIEGELHAUER, E. J. Victoria County
02-090339 SPENCER ESTATE Jackson County
02-101474 POWELL, SAM Jackson County
02-101817 VANCE, C.S. Jackson County
02-102384 SUGAREK, MOLLIE "A" GU Bee County
02-102986 POWELL, SAM Jackson County
02-103136 SPENCER EST. Jackson County
02-103873 DRUSHEL, L.R. Jackson County
02-103951 WILKERSON, C.D. Jackson County
02-105717 VANCE, C S Jackson County
02-107350 KUBECKA ESTATE Jackson County
02-109376 ROSE & SAMPLE G. U. Jackson County
02-109927 ROUNTREE, J.G. Bee County
02-110603 POWELL, SAM Jackson County
02-110991 DRUSHEL, L. R. Jackson County
02-114181 HAILEY Live Oak County
02-116277 FREEMAN, C. N. Live Oak County
02-120552 FREEMAN, C.N. Live Oak County
02-120557 DONNELLY, M.J. Jackson County
03-107322 KUTAC Wharton County
03-112157 BEAL, D. W. Wharton County
03-116121 REITZ, E. E. Wharton County
03-117247 REITZ, E. E. "A" Wharton County
03-141610 REITZ, E. E. Wharton County
03-14398 RICE, R.M. Wharton County
03-15462 REITZ, E.E. Wharton County
03-16697 REITZ, E.E. Wharton County
03-16933 REITZ, E.E. "A" Wharton County
03-17849 REITZ, E.E. "B" Wharton County
03-21139 REITZ, E. E. Wharton County
04-049917 GREEN, LEE M. Starr County
04-054662 HENRICHSON, R. S. Duval County
04-05485 SHAEFFER RANCH -D- Jim Wells County
04-056809 TREVINO,A Duval County
04-061998 GUERRA,F.B. ESTATE Starr County
04-06929 SAENZ, BENJAMIN Jim Hogg County
04-07832 BROWN, C. S. San Patricio County
04-08468 EXXON FEE Duval County
04-094767 LOPEZ, A. Jim Hogg County
04-099716 GARCIA, A. C. Duval County
04-104164 ANDREWS, RALF Nueces County
04-10553 RAMIREZ, GILBERTO Jim Hogg County
04-11594 CHAPMAN Nueces County
04-11784 HARLAN, W.A. Nueces County
04-11989 GARZA-SAENZ, ET AL Jim Hogg County
04-121254 CHAPMAN RANCH Nueces County
04-12180 CHAPMAN Nueces County
04-12296 GARZA-SAENZ, ET AL Jim Hogg County
04-123388 CHAPMAN RANCH Nueces County
04-123537 CHAPMAN RANCH Nueces County
04-123803 MCGREGOR, F.S. G.U. San Patricio County
04-12616 MCMURRY, A.T. Nueces County
04-13088 CHAPMAN Nueces County
04-13089 CHAPMAN Nueces County
04-13152 CHAPMAN Nueces County
04-13410 CHAPMAN Nueces County
04-176258 RIVER FARMS Hidalgo County
04-183108 RIVER FARMS Hidalgo County

Drilling Permits Filed by Carter Exploration Company