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Leases Operated by Cico Oil & Gas Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04445 DILLON, B. W. Dimmit County
01-04811 DILLON, B. W. -A- Dimmit County
02-053820 GARRETT, L. B. DeWitt County
02-053850 HEATON, D. DeWitt County
02-053851 HEATON, D. DeWitt County
02-05594 WOLF, A.C. DeWitt County
02-056435 HEATON, D. DeWitt County
02-06151 BERRY Karnes County
02-061999 HEATON, D. DeWitt County
02-063854 PETERING, GERHARD DeWitt County
02-063882 PETERING, GERHARD DeWitt County
02-064026 WILLIAMS, CECIL Lavaca County
02-064054 WILLIAMS, CECIL Lavaca County
02-06589 Y.N.A., INC Lavaca County
02-06590 WILLIAMS, CECIL Lavaca County
02-06602 WEHMEYER,C. Calhoun County
02-06715 JACOBS, C.Y. Lavaca County
02-068799 Y. N. A., INC. Lavaca County
02-080994 COOPER, CLEO DeWitt County
02-081060 FOSTER, WM. C. DeWitt County
02-083525 WOLF, WERNER DeWitt County
02-085771 FOSTER, WM. C. DeWitt County
02-087131 HOUDMANN, H. Live Oak County
02-089147 JETTON Lavaca County
02-093322 WELDER, R. H. Victoria County
02-093323 WELDER, R. H. Victoria County
02-094180 YNA, INC. Lavaca County
02-094672 WILLIAMS, CECIL Lavaca County
02-097699 SWANEY-BELLINGER UNIT #1 Lavaca County
02-098382 SWANEY-BELLINGER UNIT #1 Lavaca County
02-098747 CARROLL-BELLINGER Lavaca County
02-099001 CARROLL-BELLINGER Lavaca County
02-104202 SAGER DeWitt County
02-106115 HOFF Goliad County
02-111036 HOFF, SERENA Goliad County
02-113837 JOHNSTON UNIT Lavaca County
02-116529 BLACKBURN Bee County
02-180464 DOLAN Live Oak County
02-183154 DOLAN Live Oak County
02-183236 WHITTINGTON Goliad County
02-185673 LYNE Live Oak County
02-188897 DOLAN Live Oak County
02-190498 WHITTINGTON Goliad County
02-193272 DUWEL Live Oak County
03-047513 WINTERMANN, DAVID ET AL Colorado County
03-047926 WINTERMANN, DAVID ET AL Colorado County
03-070082 WILLIAMS, R. L. Colorado County
03-071645 WIESE BROS, Wharton County
03-09464 UNDERWOOD, D. L. Colorado County
03-105697 BOCK Wharton County
03-113377 GAVRANOVIC Wharton County
03-113378 GAVRANOVIC Wharton County
03-123700 STRUNK ESTATE Wharton County
03-16794 WINTERMANN, DAVID L. Colorado County
03-168927 GERTSON Wharton County
03-172018 MERCY GAS UNIT San Jacinto County
03-172522 HITE, DOROTHY Wharton County
03-172621 WEISE BROS. Wharton County
03-17716 GILLOCK OIL UNIT Galveston County
03-186273 GERTSON Wharton County
03-18772 NELSON, KRETZSCHMAR UNIT Colorado County
03-198107 HAINES Colorado County
03-20780 GAVRANOVIC Wharton County
03-210913 GERTSON Wharton County
03-21680 TEMPLE INDUSTRIES Jasper County
03-229607 RUST ESTATE Wharton County
03-234337 OUTLAR Wharton County
03-239700 RUST ESTATE Wharton County
03-250881 STEWART Wharton County
03-26512 BLACK STONE Newton County
03-281668 NORTHINGTON UNIT 1 Wharton County
03-281682 NORTHINGTON UNIT 2 Wharton County
03-286144 NORTHINGTON UNIT 3 Wharton County
04-255541 GARCIA HEIRS Starr County
04-262319 GARCIA HEIRS Starr County
04-264534 THOMAS Starr County
05-01722 NASH, ELIZABETH L. Leon County
06-10567 HAMILTON-MCCOURY Sabine County
06-109980 ARCO Sabine County
06-11091 ARCO Sabine County

Drilling Permits Filed by Cico Oil & Gas Company