Colo Exploration Company, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Colo Exploration Company, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Colo Exploration Company, Inc.
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FORT WORTH, TX 76126-6105

Leases Operated by Colo Exploration Company, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
04-032638 DAVENPORT, D.,-STATE Starr County
04-054867 SMITH GAS UNIT #1 Hidalgo County
04-055120 DAVENPORT, D. - STATE Starr County
04-05919 DAVENPORT, D. STATE Starr County
04-060686 DAVENPORT, D. STATE Starr County
04-10995 DAVENPORT -A- Starr County
04-11868 DAVENPORT, D. STATE Starr County
04-123400 DAVENPORT Starr County
04-12602 AL-BTLT #1 Hidalgo County
04-12808 TRUSTEE #2 Starr County
04-131142 DAVENPORT Starr County
04-136259 SANCHEZ Starr County
04-149035 DAVENPORT "B" Starr County
04-157826 BENTSEN , L.M. Starr County
04-158910 ESCOBAR UNIT Starr County
04-159665 BENTSEN, L. M. Starr County
04-160211 BENTSEN, L. M. Starr County
04-160489 ESCOBAR UNIT Starr County
04-162132 AL - SW BTLT # 2 Starr County
04-176489 STATE OF TEXAS SLICK #5 Starr County
04-181294 ESCOBAR Starr County
04-182806 ESCOBAR Starr County
09-189738 VALLEY VIEW Denton County
09-225879 WIND DANCER Hood County
09-244023 JENNINGS-STAR Wise County
7B-05645 LOFLAND, H. H. Taylor County
7B-11519 COOK-HOLT UNIT Jones County
7B-130431 MCBRIDE Taylor County
7B-22687 ROGERS Taylor County
7B-23199 MASK Callahan County
7B-23841 SMITH Taylor County
7B-25749 BRAUNE Taylor County
7B-25796 DRISKELL Taylor County
7B-28913 BAACK Taylor County
7B-29393 MCDUFF Taylor County
7B-29413 BLACKWOOD "B" Taylor County
7B-29414 MCSPADDEN "B" Jones County
7B-29425 ALTUM Jones County
7B-29887 BEASLEY Jones County
7C-06759 POE, G. W. Runnels County
7C-07356 LASSITER Coke County
7C-08375 BIRD, I. A. "D" Coke County
7C-11530 JAMESON Tom Green County
7C-11831 JAMESON "A" Tom Green County
7C-12442 SMITH, T. D. ESTATE Runnels County
7C-12521 WINGATE Runnels County
7C-12914 HUBACH, H. O. Runnels County
7C-13690 AHRENS, TED Runnels County
7C-13775 JAMESON "A" Tom Green County
7C-14351 JAMESON RANCH Tom Green County
7C-14471 DAVIDSON Runnels County

Drilling Permits Filed by Colo Exploration Company, Inc.