Crescendo Resources, L.P. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Crescendo Resources, L.P.
Map of Wells Operated by Crescendo Resources, L.P.
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Leases Operated by Crescendo Resources, L.P.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-00520 CHAPMAN -C- Gray County
10-00521 CLAYTON -C- Gray County
10-021922 ELLIS, CARL, -I- Ochiltree County
10-022011 ODC 'B' Ochiltree County
10-022708 STEELE, EDITH B. -B- Hansford County
10-022744 LUTHI Ochiltree County
10-023984 BRITAIN, E. C. Moore County
10-023986 BRITAIN, E. C. Moore County
10-024310 PANHANDLE BANK Carson County
10-02538 HODGSON, MARGARET, -E- Hemphill County
10-025511 BRUMLEY-RYAN Moore County
10-025522 COFFEE Moore County
10-025525 COX Moore County
10-025538 GEARY Moore County
10-025582 MEINHARDT Moore County
10-025616 SEAGRAVES Moore County
10-025623 SMITH M Moore County
10-025634 TAYLOR Moore County
10-025639 THOMPSON E Moore County
10-027858 EVERETT, R. K. Sherman County
10-027863 ROYAL PENDLETON Sherman County
10-027880 FLYR GAS UNIT -B- Sherman County
10-028067 DOOLEY Sherman County
10-028098 FLORES Moore County
10-028101 FLORES Moore County
10-028115 HUBER -ET- -AL- Moore County
10-028123 LANE, C. A. Moore County
10-028133 POLLAN Sherman County
10-028150 PRICE ET AL "D" Sherman County
10-028169 PRICE ET AL "D" Sherman County
10-02933 WHEAT Lipscomb County
10-035069 JACKSON, C. P. Hansford County
10-03530 DUKE, C. C. Lipscomb County
10-03936 MORRIS, ODIS Hemphill County
10-04039 PARSELL, WARREN B. ETAL-F- Roberts County
10-04050 O'LAUGHLIN, CHARLES C. Hansford County
10-04124 JONES, WALTER S. ETAL -B- Hemphill County
10-048362 NIX, DALE -J- Hemphill County
10-05557 VERNON FLOWERS Roberts County
10-057329 URSCHEL, LESTER B. Hemphill County
10-059227 FILE UNIT Lipscomb County
10-05924 WHEAT 678 Lipscomb County
10-06264 CHAMBERS, FRANK M. ET AL "A" Roberts County
10-072547 JONES, O. T. Lipscomb County
10-073936 JONES, OLIVE T. Lipscomb County
10-076869 ROBERTSON -C- Moore County
10-081228 ROBERTSON -C- Moore County
10-082355 JARVIS, BILLY & SONS -G- Hemphill County
10-096138 PEIL, CHRIST Lipscomb County
10-096800 VALENTINE SCHOENHALS ET AL -C- Lipscomb County
10-096823 BORN, VICTOR ET AL Lipscomb County
10-096967 TUBB, GEORGE EARL -B- 370 Lipscomb County
10-104890 NELSON -E- Ochiltree County
10-111112 BORN, ALEX ET AL -B- Lipscomb County
10-115418 JONES GAS UNIT Hemphill County
10-118862 GEORGE UNIT Hemphill County
10-127561 MORRISON, MARY T. ET AL -H- Roberts County
10-127988 WEBB, ARTHUR -B- Hemphill County
10-136033 STONE -946- Lipscomb County
10-141770 PETERSON, LILLIE M. Lipscomb County
10-148064 FLORES Sherman County
10-151344 FLOWERS BROTHERS Roberts County
10-153877 ODC Ochiltree County
10-154745 BRADFORD -D- Lipscomb County
10-155126 URSCHEL, LESTER B. Hemphill County
10-157919 BRITAIN, E. C. Moore County
10-158281 REDELSPERGER Lipscomb County
10-158471 CLUCK "A" Sherman County
10-158817 SCHLEE "A" Moore County
10-166907 DOOLEY Sherman County
10-166910 SMITH, FRED Moore County
10-167855 BRAINARD ESF 5 Roberts County
10-169067 FLORES Moore County
10-169961 JARVIS, BILLY & SONS, INC. Hemphill County
10-170690 WILSON, RUTH Roberts County
10-173063 MAKEIG, ELLA Moore County
10-174661 COURSON "E" Ochiltree County
10-174705 KEMPSON Moore County
10-174778 ELLISON GAS UNIT Sherman County
10-175177 WHITENER, ADA Hemphill County

Drilling Permits Filed by Crescendo Resources, L.P.