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Wells Operated By Denbury Onshore, LLC
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PLANO, TX 75024

(972) 673-2000

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Leases Operated by Denbury Onshore, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-01540 PIPKIN, S. W. -A- Chambers County
03-01631 STEWART, MACO -A- 300 Galveston County
03-02935 WAY, H. J. -B- Brazoria County
03-04099 BOOTH, F. I., ETAL -A- Fort Bend County
03-04100 BOOTH, T. R. Fort Bend County
03-04106 MYERS, A. E. Fort Bend County
03-04110 GEORGE, A. P. -A- Fort Bend County
03-04111 GEORGE, A. P. Fort Bend County
03-04112 GUBBELS, MARY MRS. Fort Bend County
03-04114 LOCKWOOD, H. P. Fort Bend County
03-04116 LOCKWOOD & SHARP -A- Fort Bend County
03-04118 LOCKWOOD & SHARP -B- Fort Bend County
03-04152 WOLTERS, R. A. ETAL -B- Fort Bend County
03-04154 DAVIS, J.H.P. Fort Bend County
03-04159 GUBBELS, F. ETAL Fort Bend County
03-04625 DAVIS, J. H. P. ESTATE Fort Bend County
03-05614 FORD, H. H. R/A -A- Brazoria County
03-05616 MILLER, WM. J., ESTATE Brazoria County
03-05619 SNEED, GILBERT Brazoria County
03-05622 SURFACE, R. O. Brazoria County
03-05623 TURNER, B. L. Brazoria County
03-08768 COLBY, E. H. Brazoria County
03-09174 WAY, H. J., -A- Brazoria County
03-10386 BELCHER, W. T. "B" Brazoria County
03-10398 DAWSON, L. C. Brazoria County
03-10399 H. O. F. A. Brazoria County
03-10496 WEBSTER FIELD UNIT Harris County
03-111707 KEYSTONE MILLS CO. Montgomery County
03-11659 CONROE FIELD UNIT Montgomery County
03-165114 CONROE FIELD UNIT Montgomery County
03-19054 WEST HASTING UNIT Brazoria County
03-24784 ACOM -A- Chambers County
03-25259 H.N. MOORE Montgomery County
03-25515 OYSTER BAYOU FIELD UNIT Chambers County
03-26729 HCL Brazoria County
09-209720 BROWDER Parker County
09-210674 STANCIL-ROBERTS Wise County
09-211880 TRWD Wise County
09-219912 REED Parker County
09-223817 EDWARDS Parker County
09-223818 BROWN Parker County
09-225384 WINSTON Parker County
09-226921 STANCIL-ROBERTS Wise County
09-227072 B. B. & PAULINE UNIT Wise County
09-227073 DIMOCK Parker County
09-228298 WINSTON Parker County
09-228302 REED Parker County
09-231587 DEAN Parker County
09-233134 TRWD Wise County
09-234508 TRWD Wise County
09-236175 BROWN Parker County
09-237553 TRWD Wise County
09-238456 WINSTON Parker County
09-238459 WINSTON Parker County
09-238461 WINSTON Parker County
09-239174 TRWD Wise County
09-239829 WINSTON Parker County
09-239831 MCDONALD KANN Wise County
09-239834 TRWD Wise County
09-240146 DEAN Parker County
09-240206 BROWN Parker County
09-240207 BROWN Parker County
09-240539 ESTES-BRADSHAW Wise County
09-241027 REED Parker County
09-241028 MCFARLAND Parker County
09-241029 MCFARLAND Parker County
09-243151 WINSTON Parker County
09-243152 WINSTON Parker County
09-244019 MCFARLAND Parker County
09-244550 ESTES-BRADSHAW Wise County
09-246129 TRWD Wise County
09-246701 BROWDER DEARING Parker County
09-248669 DEAN Parker County
09-249136 DEAN Parker County
09-249138 DEAN Parker County
09-249139 DAVENPORT Wise County
09-249141 TRWD Wise County
09-249142 WINSTON Parker County
09-249283 WINSTON Parker County
09-251042 LASATER Parker County

Drilling Permits Filed by Denbury Onshore, LLC