Discovery Natural Resources LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Discovery Natural Resources LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Discovery Natural Resources LLC
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410 17TH STREET STE 900
DENVER, CO 80202

(303) 893-5073

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Leases Operated by Discovery Natural Resources LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-40685 RAY 26 Glasscock County
08-41614 BETTY GLASS 42 Sterling County
08-41771 BARBEE Glasscock County
08-41864 RAY 27 Glasscock County
08-41921 CONNOLLY Glasscock County
08-42065 BARBEE 37 Glasscock County
08-42828 TERRY Glasscock County
08-47734 BARBEE C Glasscock County
08-47736 BARBEE B Glasscock County
08-47737 BARBEE A Glasscock County
08-48556 TERRY B Glasscock County
7C-05172 ROCKER, B., -O- Reagan County
7C-05173 ROCKER, B., -P- Glasscock County
7C-05416 ROCKER, B., -T- Reagan County
7C-11327 ROCKER B 42 "A" Reagan County
7C-15161 ROCKER B "67" Reagan County
7C-15431 DEGUELLO Irion County
7C-16520 MUSTANG DRAW Irion County
7C-16668 SALT HOUSE Irion County
7C-16673 HIGHLAND Irion County
7C-16707 SALT HOUSE A Irion County
7C-16753 CONCHO Irion County
7C-16833 TEPEE DRAW Irion County
7C-17011 ANTELOPE DRAW Irion County
7C-17105 ROCKER B 1949 Irion County
7C-17362 MALLARD Irion County
7C-17374 CONCHO A Irion County
7C-17384 CHICO COMPANY Reagan County
7C-17446 ANTELOPE DRAW E Irion County
7C-17451 ANTELOPE DRAW D Irion County
7C-17595 ROCKER B "A" Irion County
7C-17647 ROCK HOLLOW Irion County
7C-17664 BRUSHY DRAW E Reagan County
7C-17677 NORTH CREEK B Reagan County
7C-17727 CAT CLAW A Reagan County
7C-17750 ROCKER B "BC" UNIT Irion County
7C-17776 CAT CLAW Irion County
7C-17777 SCOTT RANCH Reagan County
7C-17796 MALLARD A Irion County
7C-17819 SCOTT RANCH A Reagan County
7C-17854 PECAN A Irion County
7C-17878 DIVIDE DRAW Reagan County
7C-17945 WINDY POINT Irion County
7C-17989 DIVIDE DRAW A Reagan County
7C-17995 CAT CLAW B Reagan County
7C-18046 NORTH CREEK A Reagan County
7C-18047 WINDY POINT A Irion County
7C-18048 HIGHLAND A Irion County
7C-18049 PECAN B Irion County
7C-18053 FREITAG Irion County
7C-18063 SNOW DRAW B Reagan County
7C-18090 CHICO COMPANY A Reagan County
7C-18128 ROCKER B 'AE' UNIT Irion County
7C-18201 HARPER A Irion County
7C-18284 OAK Irion County
7C-18291 CAT CLAW C Reagan County
7C-18352 ROCKER B 87 Irion County
7C-18417 WINDY POINT D Irion County
7C-18474 SPRINGHOLE Irion County
7C-18544 ROCKER B 'AF' UNIT Irion County
7C-18628 ROCK HOLLOW D Irion County
7C-18785 HICKMAN Reagan County
7C-19316 GRASTON Irion County
7C-19411 ELKINS A Irion County
7C-19432 BRUSHY WEST Irion County
7C-19468 BRUSHY EAST Irion County
7C-19552 SRH-C- Reagan County
7C-19589 DIVIDE-SCOTT Z Reagan County
7C-19617 HICKMAN E Reagan County
7C-19632 DIVIDE-SCOTT Y Reagan County
7C-19634 HICKMAN D Reagan County
7C-19707 DIVIDE-SCOTT T Reagan County
7C-19708 DIVIDE-SCOTT U Reagan County
7C-19709 DIVIDE-SCOTT V Reagan County
7C-19806 HICKMAN P Reagan County
7C-19814 HICKMAN N Reagan County
7C-19820 HICKMAN O Reagan County
7C-19972 DIVIDE DRAW Y Reagan County
7C-19973 DIVIDE DRAW Z Reagan County
7C-20070 BULLHEAD Reagan County

Drilling Permits Filed by Discovery Natural Resources LLC