Eagle Hydrocarbons Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Eagle Hydrocarbons Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Eagle Hydrocarbons Inc.
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HOUSTON, TX 77079-1255

(713) 300-3245

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Leases Operated by Eagle Hydrocarbons Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-14055 MOSES & BAGGETT Caldwell County
01-14829 SMITH HEIRS Caldwell County
01-14831 TILLER, T. A. Caldwell County
01-14866 SMITH, C. "B" Caldwell County
01-14911 TILLER, T. A. Caldwell County
01-14914 C. SMITH "B" Caldwell County
01-14965 CARTER, R. W. Caldwell County
01-15009 BRISCOE, MARTHA Caldwell County
01-15032 TILLER-BRISCOE "D" Caldwell County
01-15035 CARTER, R. W. -A- Caldwell County
01-15102 CARTER UNIT Caldwell County
01-15173 SMITH B UNIT Caldwell County
01-15298 JOHNSON, MARY B. Caldwell County
01-15350 DAVIS B - WILSON Caldwell County
01-15430 FLOYD TILLER Caldwell County
01-15431 SMITH NORTHCUTT Caldwell County
01-15469 CORA MALONE Caldwell County
01-15471 J. B. NORTHCUTT Caldwell County
01-15682 MERRIWETHER Caldwell County
01-15695 CONLEY HICKMAN Caldwell County
01-15696 NORTHCUTT DYE Caldwell County
01-15871 MOSES-WATSON Caldwell County
01-15939 WILSON - MALONE Caldwell County
01-16127 MERRIWETHER SOUTH Caldwell County
01-17197 MOSES BAGGETT 'A' Caldwell County
01-17692 W.H.NEW Caldwell County
01-18680 J. L. NEW Caldwell County
01-18765 J. B. NORTHCUTT A Caldwell County
01-18850 FLOY GRAY Caldwell County
09-19185 WELLS-NICHOLS Hardeman County
09-19688 GILLIAM, C. J. Hardeman County
09-22553 BROWN UNIT Hardeman County
09-23632 LOVE "20" UNIT Hardeman County
09-24343 LONG "398" Hardeman County
09-26381 HOLMES "284" Hardeman County
09-28834 HOLMES 284 Hardeman County
09-28903 STEPP-HURST 110 UN. Hardeman County
09-28964 STEPP-HURST 110 UN. Hardeman County
09-28969 STEPP 110-1 Hardeman County
09-28982 SORENSEN 70 Hardeman County
09-28991 HURST 10 Hardeman County
09-29101 NEAL 2 Hardeman County
09-29565 WELLS UNIT Hardeman County
09-29648 MEHARG UNIT Hardeman County
09-29688 WEST ESTATE UNIT Hardeman County
09-29751 HOLMES Hardeman County
09-29948 HURST Hardeman County
09-30043 HURST #4 Hardeman County
09-30137 SUMMERLEE Hardeman County
09-30168 HURST C Hardeman County
09-30180 HURST UNIT Hardeman County
09-30227 HURST D Hardeman County
09-30262 DURHAM FARMS UNIT Hardeman County
09-30269 SUMMERLEE-STEPP Hardeman County
09-30338 HURST B Hardeman County
09-30490 SUMMERLEE Hardeman County
09-30492 SUMMERLEE UNIT Hardeman County
09-30535 LONG 398 Hardeman County
09-30536 LONG Hardeman County
09-30537 LONG, JAMES Hardeman County
09-30538 JUDD Hardeman County
09-30541 SUMMERLEE -A- Hardeman County
09-30559 LONG Hardeman County
09-30579 JMOJ UNIT Hardeman County
09-31145 SUMMERLEE UNIT Hardeman County
09-32300 SPANKY 2 Hardeman County
09-32891 JOHNSON 1 Hardeman County
09-32955 ZIP 74 Hardeman County
09-32998 ANGELO 4 Hardeman County
09-33053 GILLIAM, C. J. Hardeman County
09-33731 ROBINSON Hardeman County
7B-199917 DENO-GRAGG Palo Pinto County
7B-206019 COLEMAN Palo Pinto County
7B-211444 DABNEY Palo Pinto County
7B-212130 GRAGG, P. K. Palo Pinto County
7B-214151 GRAGG, DENO Palo Pinto County
7B-214846 DABNEY Palo Pinto County
7B-214908 COLEMAN Palo Pinto County
7B-221245 GRAGG, DENO Palo Pinto County
7B-32096 FRANCIS Palo Pinto County

Drilling Permits Filed by Eagle Hydrocarbons Inc.