Encana Oil & Gas(USA) Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Encana Oil & Gas(USA) Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Encana Oil & Gas(USA) Inc.
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370 17TH STREET STE 1700
DENVER, CO 80202

(303) 623-2300

National Activity for Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.

Leases Operated by Encana Oil & Gas(USA) Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-09833 DICKSON-ALLEN UNIT Karnes County
02-09945 DROMGOOLE 'B' UNIT Karnes County
02-10031 CHARGER UNIT Karnes County
02-10049 CHARLOTTE UNIT Karnes County
02-10070 RUDD UNIT DeWitt County
02-10081 THUNDERBIRD UNIT Karnes County
02-10105 BURDA COLLINS UNIT Karnes County
02-10172 GOLDEN 'A' UNIT Karnes County
02-10206 KORTH C UNIT Karnes County
02-10318 GOLDEN B UNIT Karnes County
02-10445 KORTH B UNIT Karnes County
02-10477 NICHOLS A UNIT Karnes County
02-10483 WESSENDORFF A UNIT Karnes County
02-10782 BERDIE UNIT Karnes County
02-10829 FRANKE UNIT Karnes County
02-11273 KOTARA-RIDLEY UNIT Karnes County
02-11291 KORTH A UNIT Karnes County
02-11343 BERDIE UNIT Karnes County
02-11357 KORTH C UNIT Karnes County
02-11515 HONS UNIT Karnes County
02-11702 BURDA COLLINS UNIT Karnes County
02-11713 LONG-FISCHER UNIT Karnes County
02-264506 L.B. HAILEY UNIT Karnes County
02-286326 LOVE UNIT Karnes County
05-265618 JAMES MCDONALD UNIT Robertson County
08-36524 HOLT RANCH NORTH Martin County
08-38475 DOROTHY FAYE-K- Martin County
08-40337 HOLT RANCH NW Martin County
08-41097 HOLT RANCH Martin County
08-42032 ABBIE LAINE Midland County
08-46509 WINDHAM 14X Midland County
08-47152 DAVIDSON 36B Midland County
08-47171 DAVIDSON 36A Midland County
08-47690 WINDHAM 14A Midland County
08-48575 GUITAR 8G Howard County
08-48696 WINDHAM 11G Midland County
08-48714 ABBIE LAINE 30X Midland County
08-48873 WINDHAM 11X Midland County
08-48919 ABBIE LAINE 30G Midland County
08-48995 BRUNSON 5D Glasscock County
08-49292 COWDEN 30G Midland County
08-49526 A DAVIDSON 38B Midland County
08-49607 A DAVIDSON 38C Midland County
08-49654 MILLER 41B Howard County
08-49746 MILLER 41A Howard County
08-49747 MILLER 41C Howard County
08-49792 A DAVIDSON 38D Midland County
08-49836 ABBIE LAINE 30XX Midland County
08-49860 HSC 319B Martin County
08-49871 HOUSTON 30X Glasscock County
08-49932 HNC 248F Martin County
08-49933 WINDHAM 14B Midland County
08-50153 PHILLIPS 5B Howard County
08-50183 PHILLIPS 5A Howard County
08-50332 COWDEN 32A Midland County
08-50335 COWDEN 32B Midland County
08-50336 COWDEN 32C Midland County
08-50660 HNC 248D Martin County
08-50755 WINDHAM 33E Midland County
08-50756 WINDHAM 33F Midland County
08-50757 WINDHAM 33G Midland County
08-50758 WINDHAM 33X Midland County
08-50807 DFK 319G Martin County
08-50851 DFK 319I Martin County
08-50882 DFK 319J Martin County
08-50930 FAYTH 38E Midland County
08-50931 FAYTH 38F Midland County
08-50932 FAYTH 38X Midland County
08-50953 FAYTH 38G Midland County
08-50972 NEWTON 5G Howard County
08-51242 HR 320P Martin County
08-51290 HSC 319S Martin County
08-51291 HN 249I Martin County
08-51334 HNC 248G Martin County
7C-19490 E DAVIDSON 48A Upton County
7C-19674 DAVIDSON 2G Upton County
7C-19902 POWELL 26E Upton County
7C-20152 POWELL 33C Upton County
7C-20153 POWELL 33B Upton County
7C-20154 POWELL 33A Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Encana Oil & Gas(USA) Inc.