Enerquest Operating L.L.C. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Enerquest Operating L.L.C.
Map of Wells Operated by Enerquest Operating L.L.C.
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Leases Operated by Enerquest Operating L.L.C.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000171 BAKER UNIT Gonzales County
01-000453 SAN MIGUEL CREEK GAS UNIT #1 McMullen County
01-000455 WHEELER, CLIFTON McMullen County
01-01537 GUBBELS, LOUIS M. McMullen County
01-042427 GUBBELS McMullen County
01-053419 GUBBELS McMullen County
01-053576 WHEELER, CLIFTON McMullen County
01-06297 GUBBELS, L.M. McMullen County
01-065792 WHEELER, CLIFTON McMullen County
01-10226 WHEELER McMullen County
01-10439 WHEELER, CLIFTON McMullen County
01-10466 GUBBELS, LOUIS M. McMullen County
01-10492 WHEELER, CLIFTON McMullen County
01-13794 GUBBELS McMullen County
01-13834 GUBBELS "A" McMullen County
01-13919 GUBBELS "B" McMullen County
01-13934 LEWIS McMullen County
01-13953 GUBBELS McMullen County
01-14666 WHEELER, CLIFTON McMullen County
01-14667 WHEELER McMullen County
01-14668 WHEELER, CLIFTON 14 McMullen County
01-14669 GUBBELS McMullen County
01-14670 GRUBBELS, L.M. McMullen County
01-14671 GRUBBELS, LOUIS #2 McMullen County
01-14672 GRUBBELS McMullen County
01-14673 GRUBBELS "B" McMullen County
01-14674 GRUBBELS 2 McMullen County
01-14675 LEWIS McMullen County
01-14676 GRUBBELS "A" McMullen County
01-15059 GUBBELS McMullen County
01-160860 GUBBELS UNIT McMullen County
01-16728 MAHONEY UNIT McMullen County
01-199740 BAKER UNIT Gonzales County
01-213923 BAKER UNIT Gonzales County
01-234773 GUBBELS McMullen County
01-242029 GUBBELS McMullen County
01-261830 GUBBELS McMullen County
02-03866 POLLOK-BRYSCH UNIT Karnes County
02-038971 MOCZYGEMBA, R. J. NCT-2 Karnes County
02-06893 ROBERTS Karnes County
02-06937 BIG JOHN OIL UNIT NO. 3 Karnes County
02-09331 WISHERT Karnes County
02-250428 URBANCZYK, E Karnes County
02-258318 BRYSCH Karnes County
03-006237 FORREST, W. M., JR. A/C #1 Madison County
03-032717 FORREST, W. M., JR. -B- Madison County
03-032719 FORREST, W. M., JR. A/C #1 Madison County
03-032735 FT. TRINIDAD GAS UNIT #1 Madison County
03-032736 FT. TRINIDAD GAS UNIT NO. 2 Madison County
04-073018 LAUREL, S. L. Zapata County
04-13859 TWIZZLER Duval County
04-180326 MEW Duval County
04-182245 IBARRA, ANTONIO, ET AL Duval County
04-184657 LA JOLLA-PARR Duval County
04-184975 SERNA, DONATO "A" Duval County
04-186030 GEOGHEGAN, DENNIS Duval County
04-188354 GARCIA-PEREZ Duval County
04-200308 MEW Duval County
04-206458 MEW Duval County
04-210182 S. MONTEMAYOR UNIT Jim Wells County
04-210974 DIXON/PENLY Brooks County
04-219964 LAUREL, SERGIO Zapata County
06-14361 RICHEY Rusk County
08-048361 HATCH, ETHEL Pecos County
08-050761 LIGON UNIT Pecos County
08-138901 DALCO-USM Pecos County
08-168013 HATCH, ETHEL Pecos County
08-168132 HATCH, ETHEL Pecos County
08-245762 HARRISON STATE Culberson County
08-35804 OUIGAUX "36" Pecos County
10-115003 MILLS Wheeler County
10-183486 MILLS RANCH Wheeler County
10-195531 MILLS RANCH Wheeler County
10-205899 MILLS RANCH Wheeler County
10-211993 MILLS RANCH 98 Wheeler County
10-227479 MILLS RANCH 96 Wheeler County
10-279153 MILLS RANCH Wheeler County

Drilling Permits Filed by Enerquest Operating L.L.C.