Everest Resource Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Everest Resource Company
Map of Wells Operated by Everest Resource Company
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Company Name:

PO BOX 1339

Leases Operated by Everest Resource Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-18189 RICHTER UNIT Wilson County
01-18216 ESPARZA UNIT Wilson County
01-18520 KORZEKWA UNIT Wilson County
01-18779 PFEIL UNIT Wilson County
02-08574 PREWIT Goliad County
02-08916 COOPER, CLEO DeWitt County
02-150036 PREWITT, DONALD F. ET. UX. Goliad County
02-205331 PREWITT Goliad County
02-210239 BROWNFIELD Lavaca County
02-213269 MUELLER Lavaca County
02-221604 BRADLEY Lavaca County
02-223865 LINDER,RAY DeWitt County
02-225486 MUELLER Lavaca County
02-250758 ZAMZOW Live Oak County
02-262893 WOODRUFF Victoria County
02-264530 LEACH Jackson County
02-280083 ROGERS Jackson County
02-291356 LORENZEN Jackson County
03-068144 PINCHBACK, CORRINE GAS UNIT Colorado County
03-071061 WHITNELL, MARJORIE Colorado County
03-071561 RHINEHART, JOHN S. ET AL Colorado County
03-086496 MCLANE TEXAS TRUST Colorado County
03-111912 MCLANE TEXAS TRUST-ENGSTROM Colorado County
03-113994 MILLER, LAVINE HESTER Colorado County
03-14269 HOFFMAN HEIRS Colorado County
03-15362 HOMER JORDAN UNIT Lee County
03-16123 SIMMANG, DOROTHY ET AL Lee County
03-175082 UNION CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. Colorado County
03-211969 DANKLEFS Colorado County
03-211970 DANKLEFS Colorado County
03-218764 GANADO BRAVO Colorado County
03-218767 BEEFMASTER Colorado County
03-218875 SIMMENTAL Colorado County
03-219133 KORENEK Colorado County
03-219172 APPALOOSA Colorado County
03-219183 DROUGHTMASTER Colorado County
03-219706 GOLD Colorado County
03-219707 GOLD Colorado County
03-220855 SHORTHORN Colorado County
03-224956 MCKINLEY Colorado County
03-226858 CROW Wharton County
03-227587 MOHAWK Wharton County
03-227588 CADDO Wharton County
03-229083 ZEBU Colorado County
03-230194 THOROUGHBRED Colorado County
03-231765 ARABIAN Colorado County
03-232416 BAPTIST Colorado County
03-232420 GARWOOD Colorado County
03-234173 GOLD Colorado County
03-235122 KOEHLER Colorado County
03-249843 JOKI Wharton County
03-254438 MOSBACHER Colorado County
03-265551 MCKINLEY Colorado County
03-279931 MCCLURE Colorado County
03-281076 DRLIK Colorado County
03-283922 DANKLEFS Colorado County
03-289502 GOLD Colorado County
04-14052 MESTENA E Brooks County
04-262255 SAENZ Jim Wells County
04-262423 WELDER HEIRS San Patricio County
04-285294 MESTENA E Brooks County
04-290284 TREJO Jim Wells County

Drilling Permits Filed by Everest Resource Company