Express Oil And Gas Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Express Oil And Gas
Map of Wells Operated by Express Oil And Gas
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Leases Operated by Express Oil And Gas

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05017 HARRIS A Frio County
01-06305 HUGO ASTRO Frio County
01-07486 HILDEBRAND, IRA Frio County
01-09770 BAILEY, JAMES JR. Medina County
01-12036 AVANT, F.J. Frio County
01-12366 DILLEY SOUTH UNIT Frio County
01-12391 EWALD/HURT UNIT La Salle County
01-12392 CANTU Frio County
01-12413 GOOD Frio County
01-12449 HARRIS Frio County
01-12506 HUGHES, NORTH Frio County
01-12512 CARROLL Frio County
01-12526 MASSEY CHILDREN Frio County
01-12594 KNAPPICK Frio County
01-12609 AVANT-MASSEY Frio County
01-12658 AVANT-MASSEY "A" Frio County
01-12861 JOHNSON, NAT Frio County
01-12962 MARGARITA Frio County
01-12978 URBAN, MILTON Frio County
01-13034 MCAFEE Frio County
01-13079 HARRIS A POOLED UNIT Frio County
01-13482 MINOTEX/MEINERS La Salle County
01-13555 BURNS, MARTHA DOBSON ET AL #8 La Salle County
01-13724 ARROW-HILDEBRAND #4 Frio County
02-06859 ROCHE RANCH TRACT A Refugio County

Drilling Permits Filed by Express Oil And Gas