Five-Jab, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Five-Jab, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Five-Jab, Inc.
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PO BOX 1063
TOMBALL, TX 77377-1063

(281) 356-7767

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Leases Operated by Five-Jab, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-00676 MATTHEW-KUESTER DeWitt County
02-08604 ROCHE Refugio County
02-09334 ROSENFELDER DeWitt County
02-177233 DRUSHEL Jackson County
03-04733 COCKBURN OIL CORP. Harris County
03-12858 KIRBY-MCINNIS Tyler County
03-13507 KIRBY-MCINNIS Tyler County
03-15173 FINGER Brazoria County
03-183637 STEPHENSON, JOHN W. GAS UNIT Orange County
03-188104 O'BRIEN Jefferson County
03-197424 KIRBY Liberty County
03-201531 GEMINI UNIT Hardin County
03-20421 KIRBY Liberty County
03-205441 ROUND BUNCH Orange County
03-216314 BP AMERICA A-38 Hardin County
03-22256 ARCO FEE LJ Tyler County
03-22945 MERCHANT C Liberty County
03-230078 LANGHAM, EMILY "A" San Jacinto County
03-24480 WALTON-COMMIATO Trinity County
03-24697 GASKAMP, WILMA D. Liberty County
03-24724 WALTER CO. UNIT Jefferson County
03-247276 WEST SIDE Orange County
03-247730 HIGHWIRE Matagorda County
03-25047 PORT OF ORANGE-BROWN Orange County
03-25072 FITZHUGH ET AL Orange County
03-25301 A. GILMER ESTATE Orange County
03-25470 BLEDSOE, LINDSEY Newton County
03-25819 FOSTER LUMBER CO. A San Jacinto County
03-25829 DUPONT Orange County
03-259428 HARRIS Orange County
03-25978 BOTTOMS San Jacinto County
03-260234 GRACE Matagorda County
03-26077 DUPONT Orange County
03-26396 MMK Jefferson County
03-26652 SONNY V Jefferson County
03-26701 PORT OF ORANGE - RIVERSIDE Orange County
03-26996 PONY Colorado County
03-27002 SW RIVERSIDE UNIT Orange County
03-270295 G. W. BROWN UNIT Jefferson County
03-275913 HOPKINS Colorado County
03-279216 THREADGILL Newton County
03-285577 ACOCK BP JOHNSON 21 Jasper County
03-286458 LOST CREEK Orange County
04-030641 TAYLOR, ISADORE MEANS Brooks County
04-13292 HENSLEY-YTURRIA Starr County
04-13946 SCHUSTER Hidalgo County
04-13982 KLUMPP-BARRERA Brooks County
04-14009 KLUMPP-MADISON OIL UNIT Brooks County
04-171788 KELLOGG GU San Patricio County
04-194464 JONES, FRED B. UNIT San Patricio County
04-199536 APEX GU San Patricio County
04-204418 COLE G. U. San Patricio County
04-205634 SMITH L San Patricio County
04-208865 KELLY AIRPORT GU Nueces County
04-209889 COLE GU San Patricio County
04-214800 SMITH L San Patricio County
04-216716 BELL FARMS San Patricio County
04-226744 JONES ESTATE San Patricio County
04-226860 STATE TRACT 976 San Patricio County
04-232522 STATE TRACT 750/750A GU Nueces County
04-242306 NUECES BAY STATE TRACT 688 San Patricio County
04-248014 STATE TRACT 690/746&750 GU San Patricio County
04-250748 JESUIT GAS UNIT Kleberg County
04-251663 STATE TRACT 692 ET AL UNIT San Patricio County
04-254907 JESUIT GAS UNIT Kleberg County
04-257175 MCKAMEY San Patricio County
04-260038 STATE TRACT 746A/750A GU Nueces County
04-260767 STATE TRACT 690/746 & 750 GU Nueces County
04-261244 SCHUSTER GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-261702 STATE TRACT 750/750A GU Nueces County
04-261952 STATE TRACT 690/746 & 750 GU San Patricio County
04-270130 STATE TRACT 706 GU Nueces County
04-270167 ELICK San Patricio County
04-275285 STATE TRACT 690/746 & 750 GU Nueces County
04-277770 COLE G.U. San Patricio County
04-282281 MURPHY-KRUSE GU Brooks County
04-284545 MURPHY-KRUSE GU Brooks County
04-284800 CRITES 'A' San Patricio County

Drilling Permits Filed by Five-Jab, Inc.