Four Star Oil And Gas Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Four Star Oil And Gas Company
Map of Wells Operated by Four Star Oil And Gas Company
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Leases Operated by Four Star Oil And Gas Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
04-089678 EL GATO Webb County
04-095605 EL GATO Webb County
04-099350 VAQUILLAS RANCH Webb County
04-099356 EL GATO Webb County
04-100525 EL GATO Webb County
04-118871 EL GATO Webb County
04-119681 EL GATO Webb County
04-122844 EL GATO Webb County
04-143249 EL GATO Webb County
04-144515 VAQUILLAS RANCH Webb County
04-147704 EL GATO Webb County
04-188726 EL GATO Webb County
10-021783 JACKSON, S. P. Hansford County
10-021965 HERNDON, W. C. Ochiltree County
10-021966 MEARS, G. B. GAS UNIT Ochiltree County
10-022227 CROOKS-HAWKINS GAS UNIT Hansford County
10-022240 HOLT, B. C., -A- Hutchinson County
10-022248 CLOSE, JONNIE Hutchinson County
10-022249 HOLT, FRED B. Hutchinson County
10-022251 JARVIS, B. Hansford County
10-024259 HORN, T. A. Carson County
10-024260 HORN BRIGGS -U- Carson County
10-024407 TAYLOR, W. H. NCT -1- Gray County
10-024408 TAYLOR, W. H. -C- NCT 2 Gray County
10-024409 TAYLOR, W. H. -C- NCT 3 Gray County
10-024410 TAYLOR, W. H. -C- NCT 4 Gray County
10-024411 TAYLOR, W. H. -F- NCT 2 Gray County
10-025427 TAYLOR, W. H. -C- NCT 5 Gray County
10-025683 BERRY, A. A. Moore County
10-025940 LOVE, B. H. NCT-1 Gray County
10-025941 LOVE, B. H. NCT-1 Gray County
10-025943 LOVE, B. H. NCT-1 Gray County
10-025951 MCLARTY-LESTER Gray County
10-025952 MCLARTY-LESTER Gray County
10-025953 MCLARTY-LESTER Gray County
10-025955 MCLARTY-LESTER Gray County
10-025970 THUT, H. A. Gray County
10-026671 DARSEY, R. E. Gray County
10-026673 DARSEY, R. E. Gray County
10-026675 DARSEY, R. E. Gray County
10-027281 LACY, MEEK Moore County
10-027829 JOINER Hansford County
10-027834 LASLEY, WALTER Sherman County
10-027839 PUGH Sherman County
10-027840 PUGH Sherman County
10-027842 PUGH Sherman County
10-027844 RUSTERHOLTZ Sherman County
10-027849 WHORTON Sherman County
10-027850 WHORTON Sherman County
10-027852 WHORTON Sherman County
10-027920 BECKER GAS UNIT Sherman County
10-028014 WELLS, J. C. Moore County
10-028190 HARGIS, F. D. Sherman County
10-028329 AMARILLO AREA GU Hansford County
10-028338 OLOUGHLIN, C. C., JR. B Hansford County
10-028457 SCHIFF-LAWRENCE GU Hansford County
10-03151 MCGARRAUGH, C. S., -B- NCT-1 Ochiltree County
10-047975 LASATER, S. B. -B- NCT-1 Hansford County
10-060938 WILLIAMS, S. K. UNIT Wheeler County
10-061598 CITY OF SHAMROCK UNIT Wheeler County
10-065255 WARREN, G. C. UNIT Wheeler County
10-066090 BEENE, D.O. UNIT Wheeler County
10-066182 SANDERS UNA UNIT Wheeler County
10-067596 LAYCOCK, C. K. UNIT Wheeler County
10-07156 MCGARRAUGH, C. S. "B" NCT-1 Ochiltree County
10-071570 TROUT BEN Wheeler County
10-08708 ETTER, T. H. Hansford County
10-095836 PSHIGODA, HENRY -B- Ochiltree County
10-123892 MORTON, H. E. Hansford County
10-139400 TROUT, BEN Wheeler County
10-147806 CLUCK -D- Sherman County
10-162811 DANIEL, S. P. Ochiltree County
10-164231 DANIEL, S. P. Ochiltree County
7B-09713 FLOWERS /CANYON SAND/ UNIT Stonewall County
8A-15983 SHOOK, R. B. "A" Yoakum County
8A-62598 WEBB, E. D. Yoakum County
8A-62692 BESHEARS, J. H. Yoakum County
8A-64135 SHOOK, R. B. Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Four Star Oil And Gas Company