Great Plains Resources, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Great Plains Resources, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Great Plains Resources, Inc.
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PO BOX 187
NIXON, TX 78140

Leases Operated by Great Plains Resources, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01676 WRIGHT, PIERCE Guadalupe County
01-02001 WRIGHT, PIERCE -A- Guadalupe County
01-02134 MCELROY, C. E. Bexar County
01-02139 MOORE, S. H. Caldwell County
01-02914 ECKLUND -B- Caldwell County
01-02959 WATKINS, SARA Caldwell County
01-02978 EKLUND, CARL, JR. Caldwell County
01-03031 HARDEMAN, E. J., EST. Caldwell County
01-03675 APPLING, C. F. /RABB/ Guadalupe County
01-06418 COOPER UNIT Atascosa County
01-06419 LITTLE, JESSE A. Atascosa County
01-06458 FOWLER, IMA 'A' Atascosa County
01-06459 FOWLER, IMA -B- Atascosa County
01-06471 CHAPMAN, J. D. "A" Caldwell County
01-06472 PICKENS, JOHN Z. III Atascosa County
01-06498 KLEMKE, FRED Bexar County
01-06580 EPSTEIN, JEROME Bexar County
01-06695 MASSEY, MARVIN M. JR. Bexar County
01-06836 RODENBURG, ALTON T Caldwell County
01-06843 CAIN, JOSEPH A. Bexar County
01-06860 KELLY, J.J. -B- Caldwell County
01-06887 KELLY, J.J. -A- Caldwell County
01-07519 NOHRA Caldwell County
01-08415 TORRES, M.R. Bexar County
01-08524 METZLER Caldwell County
01-08552 ELLISON Caldwell County
01-08638 LANFORD, P.B. Bexar County
01-08654 FRAZIER Caldwell County
01-08661 FIELDER,A.H. Caldwell County
01-08781 MCCLANAHAN Caldwell County
01-09223 GAYLE, SUSIE KNIGHT Bexar County
01-09282 SAWYER, N.C. Bexar County
01-09330 GALINDO, FRED Atascosa County
01-09492 EPSTEIN-BALBOA -A- Bexar County
01-10278 DAY, DAN ET AL Caldwell County
01-10490 WENDLANDT-MASSENGALE Caldwell County
01-10595 JAMES, THOMAS C. Caldwell County
01-10796 EDWARDS, J.W. -A- Bexar County
01-10806 BUCHSENSCHUTZ, R. -A- Atascosa County
01-10807 FOWLER, IMA ET AL Atascosa County
01-10808 RICKS, E. ET AL Atascosa County
01-10809 STUBBLEFIELD Atascosa County
01-10838 SAL-MAR UNIT Bexar County
01-10839 EDWARDS, J.W. Bexar County
01-10954 WELLS, R.L. Bexar County
01-10956 HENDES Bexar County
01-10961 KOEHLER, O.L. Bexar County
01-10963 KOEHLER, ARTHUR J. Bexar County
01-10965 AVANT -A- Bexar County
01-10966 AVANT -B- Bexar County
01-10967 AVANT -C- Bexar County
01-10968 AVANT -D- Bexar County
01-11029 MURRY Bexar County
01-11031 MURRAY -B- Bexar County
01-11035 O'BRIEN -C- Bexar County
01-11042 QUESADA Atascosa County
01-11043 REITZER -A- Bexar County
01-11131 COOPER -I- Atascosa County
01-11145 DOWDA, JAMES Bexar County
01-11147 MILLER, CECIL Bexar County
01-11148 ST JOHN Bexar County
01-11149 SANCHEZ & GONZALES, O.C. Bexar County
01-11151 O.C. FEE Bexar County
01-11152 GRIFFITH -B- Bexar County
01-11154 BARKER Bexar County
01-11341 COOPER -M- Atascosa County
01-11363 COOPER -Z- Atascosa County
01-11364 COOPER -N- Atascosa County
01-11366 COOPER -O- Atascosa County
01-11388 MCOSKER -C- Bexar County
01-11389 YTURRI-HARBO "1985" Bexar County
01-11404 YTURRI BRS -B- Bexar County
01-11807 COOPER W Atascosa County
01-11908 BAKER TRACT -A- Bexar County
01-11957 VACEK, STEVE Atascosa County
01-12045 BAKER TRACT -B- Bexar County
01-12052 HARTFIELD Guadalupe County
01-12088 DUNN -F- Bexar County
01-12103 PEARSON, R.L. -A- Bastrop County
01-12175 LONG, J.Y. Bexar County

Drilling Permits Filed by Great Plains Resources, Inc.