H.K.E. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By H.K.E.
Map of Wells Operated by H.K.E.
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P O BOX 419

Leases Operated by H.K.E.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-00525 CARTER, E. L. Guadalupe County
01-00535 CARTER, JENNIE Guadalupe County
01-01025 THOMAS-HARDEMAN Caldwell County
01-01680 APPLING, C. O., ESTATE Guadalupe County
01-02150 APPLING, COLLIE Guadalupe County
01-03707 CARTER, E. L., -A- Guadalupe County
01-03729 CARTER, JENNIE, -A- Guadalupe County
01-03749 CARTER, ROBERT Guadalupe County
01-03769 CONLEY, LILLIAN Guadalupe County
01-03795 WARNCKE-JOSLIN -A- Guadalupe County
01-03809 ROSS, A. Guadalupe County
01-03812 HOYLE, L. Guadalupe County
01-03822 CARTER, A. J. Guadalupe County
01-03874 TILLEY, DOYLE R. "A" Guadalupe County
01-04003 CRENSHAW 27 AC. Caldwell County
01-04005 COBB Caldwell County
01-04027 CRENSHAW 37 AC. Caldwell County
01-05885 FIRST LOCKHART NATIONAL BANK -A- Caldwell County
01-06233 CARTER, E.L. B Guadalupe County
03-00268 BORDAGES, C. P. Jefferson County
03-00276 FRENCH IMPROVEMENT CO. UNIT #1 Jefferson County
03-00278 FULLER, E. T. UNIT Jefferson County
03-00284 MASTERSON, KATE, ETAL Jefferson County
03-03079 DELTA LAND AND TIMBER San Jacinto County
03-03693 HOOKS-GRAHAM Hardin County
03-03920 MERCHANT ESTATE Hardin County
03-03939 BENFIELD UNIT Hardin County
03-03940 CARPENTER UNIT Hardin County
03-03943 WOODALL ETAL UNIT Hardin County
03-04475 NASH-BULLOCK Brazoria County
03-04485 KIRBY OIL & GAS FEE Brazoria County
03-049527 OLIVER UNIT Brazoria County
03-049931 KLOSS, ED L. Brazoria County
03-05201 GULF-HUMBLE UNIT LOT 11 Hardin County
03-05240 BALDWIN - -B- Liberty County
03-06512 GULF CROWN-CENTRAL Liberty County
03-06640 UNDERWOOD FEE Brazoria County
03-071561 RHINEHART, JOHN S. ET AL Colorado County
03-08082 POWELL GLAZE Colorado County
03-08290 MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM CO. Liberty County
03-10455 FELDMAN, D. D. Hardin County
03-11316 OLIVER UNIT Brazoria County
03-12160 CENTRAL COAL & COKE San Jacinto County
03-12956 C P B UNIT Burleson County
03-13407 PIPKIN-CARROLL Brazoria County
03-14267 BISHOP Brazoria County
03-15598 RACKI "B" Polk County
03-18248 MEEKER SYNDICATE LOT 11 Hardin County
03-18710 GULF FEE LOT 7 Hardin County
03-18777 EXXON CRAIG FEE Hardin County
03-18897 GULF FEE LOT 9 Hardin County
03-19068 MEEKER SYNDICATE LOT 11 Hardin County
03-19250 GULF FEE LOT 10 Hardin County
03-19405 MCMAHON, I.L. Jefferson County
03-19484 MEEKER SYNDICATE LOT 11 A Hardin County

Drilling Permits Filed by H.K.E.